Letter To Pastor EMF Oshoffa, CCC Worldwide Over Reflective Jackets On Sutana

September 24, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 8 Comments »

Is the middle one not better off?

We have come to observe with some reservation the use of reflective jackets by some church workers, members as well as officials of Pastor EMF Oshoffa during festive seasons or any great events.

We at #CNO believe that our garment and other paraphernalia of office that go with it should not be muddled up with any other form of clothing that does not have any spiritual value.

It is in view of this that it is being suggested that the church authority look into how reflective jackets can be discarded and replaced with something less bogus such as a simple Armband which can be in different colours for different departments such as the side men/Women, security, Usher, Protocol etc

Introducing this idea will make this group of church workers smarter in their appearance and at their various duty posts and at the same time portray the image of the church in good light. We understand that we can’t all be perfect and that the church is for sinners and not saints. So, there is serious need for us to fight the action and not the actor.

We hope this letter would be given a favourable consideration.

Yours Faithfully,

Brother Alonge Michael

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8 responses to “Letter To Pastor EMF Oshoffa, CCC Worldwide Over Reflective Jackets On Sutana”

  1. Akinsola damilare says:

    This is a very good one.i hope those at the helm listens.That they have not even taken a stand on that since is a pointer to the fact the pastor is surrounded with people who lacks the thinking capacity for initiatives that can develop the church without undermining our laid down statutes.That reflective jacket is an aberration of the highest order.

  2. Johnson says:

    Shallow thinking in CNO write up, please look for something else to write on. Clean your filthy heart first. Idiot

  3. Kikelomo says:

    What do you have to say to those putting on Cardigan on Sutanna? The Jacket they put on is to identify them, well instead of putting on armbands why not I.D cards.

  4. Tolani Abah says:

    This is a good one from CNO. At least, it’s better than all these nasty ones he writes that have dented the more the name of the church. It’s better to dwell more on the doctrine than rape and wife snatching ones I often read here. May God give you the strength. This letter must be read out to the pastor. It’s important for him to know.

  5. Prince says:

    CNO thanks for putting this up. We once campaigned against this in London and I am sure our people have seen sense in it. That’s why you can use that photo of our of our official during the unity light for the 70th anniversary last week. I hope the people you directed this to would do the necessary things and adjust. I must indeed commend your effort.

  6. Omoshefe says:

    Adetola Kazeem, you are obviously not thinking straight. Do you know if one of these things you people do has made you to behave this way? How would you clean the heart you don’t see? Is it not benter to clean the body first? Go and get brain where they sell it. You Yoruba peoples thinking faculty is always low

    • adetola kazeem -medilag says:

      lol…. pls did i call ur name in my statement? so why did you? low brain…. i hope u know this is a social site where everyone as his/her right to type…. pls what is ur own problem with me? did i even insult you… i see no right why u wld do that to me…. i came to make my statement not insult anyone….. pls just type ur own comment and go please….. and u even goin so far to insult the Yoruba lineages lol you are funny cus i only wonder your tribe …..

      please grow up in ur ideas towards replying people online…. not everyone see things the way you see them…. so just respect yourself by coming online, type ur own comment withour mentioning name, and go away pls…..!!!!!!

  7. adetola kazeem -medilag says:

    some time i laff at the way we look at things, so is this what nxt we shld b looking at… u talk of cloth been spiritual but what about out heart,our soul? instead of talking of something that would move the church forward we keep picking on things not important….. may God help us…. all this need to stop….

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