Like Basilica, Like SBJ Oshoffa Estate, Imeko…Don’t Be Carried Away Yet

January 9, 2018 / Alonge Michael / Spotlight / 1 Comment »

A few months back when the new formidable team to look into the state of the glorious worship centre for global Celestial Church of Christ was formed, many people believed it would be a hard nut to crack considering the number of years it has taken the church to come to near completion.

The new Building committee collectively dazzled all and sundry and put smiles into the lips of many Celestial Church members who stormed the last Xmas Convocation as gigantically standing before them was an edifice that God put in place for us- The Basilica, though, work is still in progress, God is still at work!

Even those who didn’t believe in that mission came out in droves to throw their financial weights behind the project, for its speedy completion. We give God the glory and those God used to accomplish the mission to that enviable stage, at least, we now have something to be proud of in the comity of Churches.

While reading Alaagba Michael Folorunsho’s article on the Imeko and SBJ Oshoffa’s Estate, I want to thumb up his submission, and support the aspect that, “The present state of IMEKO may be desirable and applaudable but we must not get carried away as work is still ahead. A lot of work still needs to be done in the cathedral to set it to standard convenient for worship, meet up international building standards, rival the Holy mosque at Mecca, and be acceptable to God.

Many hurdles still need crossing and as it is crossed one by one may God’s grace abound for all who contribute in whatever form to remember the building completed. Every true Celestial Church knows and understands that IMEKO goes beyond the cathedral alone. The whole land which is owned by Celestial church of Christ is Holy, wherein a yearly pilgrimage by all Celestial Church faithful was commanded by God to be observed on this land….”

So, just as Celestial Church stood up to break the jinx that has set us back for 35 years, the same force too should be imputed to continue with other beautiful projects of the church. Together, we can make things happen. It’s our church, there is no other home anywhere else than here, CCC.

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One response to “Like Basilica, Like SBJ Oshoffa Estate, Imeko…Don’t Be Carried Away Yet”

  1. Evang. Atere says:

    Thank Alonge for this. Keep it up

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