Man In 15 Years Of Insanity Regains Consciousness Inside CCC Altar

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One of the members of the church, Prophet Fisayo Joel’s recent outing in Ghana unveiled a mystery that has remained something to talk about in the annals of miraculous happenstances in the church. How did it happen?
You and I know that the God of Celestial Church is a powerful God, the man in the story, according to the report, lost his sanity about 15 years ago. As a matter of fact, he was a well-known ‘madman’ in the area where he usually parades his wares.

But somewhere in the city, a certain woman was putting up a project for Celestial Church of Christ, the formation of the new building already carried the altar of CCC. One particular night, this man for whatever reason, passed the night there, thus, sleeping inside the arch meant for the altar of CCC.
Then, one day, he became whole! Yes, he got his sanity back 100%. People wondered how this could have happened. And he told them.

“All I could remember is that, a certain old man was always coming with a loin to tie my head and use a cloth with cross designed on it to cover me up. This, I guess happened like three times consecutively before I actually felt I woke up from a long sleep.”

Hmmm, are you saying this church is not of God? Who are those who designed the fate of the church? Who are those who are spreading falsehood about the church that it’s a refined Ogboni fraternity? This church is holy, those who are there as Ogbonis, herbalists and all sorts are actually not the Celestial bodies but the terrestrial bodies which has no comparison.

Jehovah is the King of all kings and there is nothing he cannot do, nothing, I mean, nothing!


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5 responses to “Man In 15 Years Of Insanity Regains Consciousness Inside CCC Altar”

  1. mike says:

    There is Glory in moses law (old covenant) but much more Glory in the activities of the Holy Spirit (New covenant)
    2 Crinthians 3:7 – 11
    vs 14 – 16 When you are under the law you are cover wiht a veil (lack spiritual understanding) untill you come to christ. God bless us,

  2. Olufunmi ibk says:

    Awesome Jehovah

  3. Olusegun Balogun says:

    There is power in CCC serve God do his will and see the manifestation of God power. God bless CCC forever IJN Amen.

  4. DOSA SOLOMON says:

    God of CCC still remain the same we the members should check mate our self……am a proud member of CCC world wide.

  5. omolola Johnson says:


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