Why Should The Mercy Land Be Closed For Harvest?

November 7, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Uncategorized / 3 Comments »

The new development during harvest is that some shepherds closed their mercy land about a week to the harvest D-day. The unanswered question is that, has this been part of CCC’s doctrine or a new abduction into the existing doctrine?

A shepherd was once asked why he has to close the mercy-land for one week to harvest, his response was that it was to sanctify the mercy land for 7 days because of the 9am service that would take place inside the mercy land on harvest day.

Our shepherds are just bring their own ideas and analogy into the laid down doctrine of Celestial Church because I have not come across anywhere in Celestial constitution that it is compulsory you observe 9am service in the mercy land on harvest day.

By closing the mercy land for seven days, that means the sole purpose of the mercy land in Celestial Church will be terminated for a week. Prayers and supplications to be made there will also be barred, use of water from mercy land’s well will also be stopped.

Our esteemed shepherds, let us have in-depth thought on things we want to introduce to the church of God. Don’t let us take advantage of the fact that there is no regular inspection of our activities from the headquarters to act haphazardly. God of harvest will bless us bountifully in Jesus Name. Amen

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3 responses to “Why Should The Mercy Land Be Closed For Harvest?”

  1. DR JIM LAMIDI says:

    it is not ccc doctrine and whatever the case may be mercy-land should not be locked for no spiritual reason. there are a lot of things most shepherds are importing into the doctrine of ccc. and all these must be corrected from the headquarters

  2. Joel says:

    I love this write up

    Firstly, if anyone says they shutdown mercyland because of evil doers that’s a wrong perception to be sincere.
    How can a church of God be running for evil doers for Christ sake? Then where do people run to if they have problems or attack if the church is running for evil doers? Of which they should as well shutdown the church for evil doers on same day na!

    Secondly, they can’t lock it because they want people inside church ( Ko possible na) because hundreds of people around the church premises and compound. They should as well tell those ones to go out of the compound.

    They have no single explanation for this , the bitter truth is PERCEPTION has taken over some actions.

  3. Kasumu Ogunleye says:

    I believe one of the reasons why they do locked the mercy land on harvest day is because of the evil doers and secondly to allow members stay inside the church for services.
    Locking the mercy land for seven days is what I don’t subscribe to.

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