Miss Paris: For More Than 50 Years, We Didn’t Think Of This!

October 24, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 6 Comments »

Many may see this as irrelevant but for a church that is as great as ours, we shouldn’t be in this state that we have found ourselves. Most of the spiritual materials we use in the church should have been coming directly from the right source- The Church, CCC.

Most of these companies that make them for us, do we really know if they are into all kinds of occultism? How sure we are that God accepts them when we make use of them in the tabernacle? Until we start to think out of the box, we may just continue to revolve in a circle. If we could do it with Turari and Ororo Ijo, why can’t we do it with other spiritual materials!

If we think ahead, we would have known how much this church would be generating in terms of income if we have production companies that take care of many of the things we used in the church but we have leadership issue that has made the church divided for 32 years. How then do we progress!

Michael Folorunsho an active commentator on social media concerning Celestial Church issues posted this and I think he’s right.

“Celestial Church of Christ is the biggest user or consumer of Miss Paris perfume which has been used for many years [probably more than 50 years]. It is majorly used for sanctification, especially in sanctified water (Omi Iyasimimo). Although there are many other ranges used today in Celestial Church of Christ, Miss Paris takes the lead spiritually.

Sadly the perfume is losing its potency to adulteration, reduced standard of production and influx of different kinds of perfumes. After many years of being the largest consumer, have we as a body ever been to the Miss Paris factory?

Do Celestial Church members work there?

Shouldn’t CCC leaders make the producers of Miss Paris review its production standard?

If Celestial Church of Christ cannot buy the company can we not be the largest shareholders becoming stakeholders?….[imagine if it was Catholic ]

Have our leaders ever thought about this instead of dreaming about building a university and what not?

Have we sat down to think about the sustainability of our spiritual rites materials?”

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6 responses to “Miss Paris: For More Than 50 Years, We Didn’t Think Of This!”

  1. Superior Senior Leader 'Mofe Odunbaku says:

    Ooh my God this got me like seriously.

  2. Adebayo says:

    We shouldn’t go to far, I’m not sure if any of us has considered who are the producers, publisher and supplier of our hymn books, iwe ilana Esin and the likes? Ask yourself if the revenue or a kind of royalty is coming to the church ( I mean to CCC pursue, not an individual in the church).

  3. Superior Evangelist (Barrister) Olawole Famakinwa JP. says:

    How good it would have been if our church had ventured into some commercial businesses which would have given us numerous returns on our investments. All Parishes in the CCC would have been a large client base. It would have provided gainful employment for mostly members of the fold. The perfume making company is only but one of the many lines of business that would have been beneficial to the church. I remember that some years ago one of our members had a candle making company. It was made with perfume such that when it burned slowly it gave a very nice smell. The proprietors of that company are related to the Ajanlekoko Family. What happened to that company? Were their products too expensive?

    Some years ago there was a very ambitious attempt to set up a CCC Printing Press. I know a few members of the Board of Directors. Land was donated, funds were donated and machines acquired. This would have ensured that the bible calendar, hymn books, Order-of Service and other church literature were produced in house. That venture is a non-starter. There is acrimony on where the money went. The land in question is being encroached upon. I will not be surprised if it is being sold off, clandestinely.

    Maybe round pegs are being put in square holes. I do not know. I suspect there has been a lack of professionalism and maybe a risk assessment as to its profitability had not been done before hand. A lot of church funds have thereby been wasted and misappropriated. We need business minded people to run these enterprises who do not see such church companies as a cash cow to be milked for persona benefits.

    Incense, perfume, charcoal from whatever source will be sanctified when it comes to the Church premises. The same way we sanctify the cash and items we bring to the church on service days.

  4. S/ldr Segun Omidiji says:

    I thought of it sometimes ago but ignore the thought, intact not only Miss Paris, holy Michael and other imported spiritual perfume… We will get there, it’s a gradual process

  5. OLUSEYI says:

    So true!

  6. Femi TOBA says:

    Só Very right sir
    This is an eye opener
    INFACT the company supposed to be part of the hudge donor for the Imeko basilar

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