Multiple Anointment: You And I Need To Know This!

November 16, 2017 / Deborah Solaja / Saints & Sinners / 1 Comment »

Why multiple annoitments at once?

The reason and purpose for each and every rank and robe in Celestial Church is from spiritual revelations and they are meant for working in the house hold of God.

Each anointment has its own assignment and task that goes along with it and it should be done diligently for not less than three years. If the ones you have skipped are not important it will not be included at all.

It baffles me when Celestial Church members skip 2 to 3 anointment so that they can be far above some set of people in ranks and equate some set of people in ranks. They do not know that each  rank or robe  is associated to the works you have done and not just the number of years you skip.

Majority of our youth no longer start from the first anointment, rather they start from the 3rd,  4th ones, not because they are eager to work for God with it but because they want to make their supremacy obvious to some set of people.

#CNO thinks there should be some orientations from the Shepherds and even the pastor before laying hands or anointing anyone to the higher level of spirituality. There should be a body to go about this sanitation  of those who are interested. The generality of the church needs to be enlightened on the new anointment and what should be done with it and also how the task involving it should be carried out. Great emphasis should be laid on the task ahead of each rank/anointment and lesser attention should be given to the robe itself.

The Grace to listen diligently to the voice of God our Father shall be given unto us. Amen 


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One response to “Multiple Anointment: You And I Need To Know This!”

  1. nyoonator wisdom says:

    Pls o need the spiritual explaination of the yearly dues we contribute at the end of the year

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