Must A Brother Ask His Shepherd For Permission To Date A Sister He’s In Love With?

November 1, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Virtuous Women / 5 Comments »


I haven’t come across a section of the Celestial Constitution where it is mandatory to seek permission from one’s shepherd before approaching a lady.

What Papa gave to us is that we seek spiritual consultation from a prophet concerning the compatibility of both the sister and the brother. Though most times, shepherds are prophets and therefore, whatever counsel they have to give must be from the inspiration of the Holy spirit and not from their mere assumptions about the sister.

In the case of shepherds that the Holy Spirit of God has left since he has ventured into adultery, covetousness and all sort of immoralities, the Shepherd himself might have had interest in the sister in question or possibly seeing the sister already secretly and won’t even bother to seek consultation from the Holy Spirit because he knows too-well that the spirit has left him.

The shepherd would, of course, speak from canal mind, he would look for all possible means to discourage the brother from having anything to do with the lady and when the brother refuses to listen , enmity will begin in the house of God between the shepherd and the brother.

When a brother is caught in this web; what should he do? Leave a logical reasons pleases

May God of Oshoffa lead us right. Amen


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5 responses to “Must A Brother Ask His Shepherd For Permission To Date A Sister He’s In Love With?”

  1. Adexzibi says:

    Well. I see nothing bad in a single brother asking abt a single sister from the Shepherd, most times, the Shepherds knows every of their members character and should be in the best position to guide his members, though, like the poster outlined, some shepherds that has missed their “call” would rather be canal in doing the right thing, but I think what’s most important is what the Lord says about the relationship and the character/attitude of both parties….

  2. Felix says:

    Well, relationships are personal. So my take or view is that the Tenets of CCC forbids furnication and adultry in the Church . I will advise both the Brother and Sister to first seek the face of God before going into marriage or informing the Shepherd.

  3. oluwole o2 says:

    You are free to date any single and freed sister that you want or brother. So far your intention in Godly. Only that it is adviceable for you to seek the spiritual compartibility between you two before getting deeply in love or emitionally attarched to one another. It us critical and need fervent prayer and spiritual insite.

  4. Victor says:

    Religion, fanatics and what have you. Very soon, Shepherd will soon consult for you on what cloth to wear and what food to eat. Africa and Religion, Oh Jesus.
    Dear, go and date whoever pleases you and take it to alter if need be. And if he’s not your type, dump him and date another person, after all, you will be responsible for your life and no one else.

  5. Sylvestre Bolaji Joshua omikunle says:

    You dont need our ( shepherds) permission to ask a girl out but you need to inform us about your courtship before you begin so as to carry us along that its not fornication you meant to commit. Need I state more categorically that after you have prayed and fasted about the lady and the spirit of God has convinced you beyond fleshy desire that she’s yours or if you’re not that inclined spiritually , you can consult your shepherd to commune on your behalf.

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