The Mystery Of Our Hymns As Explained By Brobro

November 14, 2017 / Alonge Michael / CNO Hymnal Digest / 2 Comments »

Caught up with Baba Brobro recently and he explained a few things about our hymns.

Celestial Hymn Book is a BIBLE on its own. Our divinely inspired hymns were giving, so that many who cannot read or comprehend the words in the Bible can at least sing and learn from the words of the hymn.

*Hymns and Angels*

Each hymn has its own angel through which they were given. And for we to activate the *Angel*that comes with the hymn, we have to sing the hymn according to how it was been given. Such as, not turning a solemn hymn to high life etc.

*Hymn and beats*

As we all know, it’s not really right to play all hymns with the use of Drums.

Well, the thing is, some hymns actually have their own beats that go with them, but not all.

*Hymn as a Sign of Identification*

For many that say we won’t be judged as CCC members, here is a bad news for you.

We will be judged according to what we were given. Now, so when you get to heaven, and you claim to have attended CCC . You might be asked to sing a particular hymn as a means of *Identification*to ascertain if truly you did attend CCC.

Baba Bro Bro For Celestial Elites

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2 responses to “The Mystery Of Our Hymns As Explained By Brobro”

  1. Concern member. says:

    Baba you need to be going on visitation to all parishes with all these informations, or print it out and make it distributed to all parishes all over the world. Long live Bro bro long live CCC.

  2. Johannes Stockmeier says:

    Very true and inspiring!

    “As we all know, it’s not really right to play all hymns with the use of Drums” – As we all know and as we always ignore..

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