How Over N80 Million Was Transferred To A Finance House Purportedly Owned By One Of Them

August 25, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Give & Take / 15 Comments »

In continuation of the monumental fraud that has rocked and still currently rocking our great church, Celestial Church of Christ,, Jorotom said to #CNO, “In a day, 40 Million Naira (N40M) Forty Million Naira was transferred into a so called contractor in just two tranches in a day and that’s N80 Million. (See the document.) Another several tranches of N10m were passed to a Finance Service Ltd purportedly owned by one of them, total almost N120m has been siphoned without any record of it.

The question is who authorized this movement of money into that Finance Service Ltd account that’s not registered in Celestial Church of Christ franchise. May I ask a simple question, please? Are we running a mortgage bank? Go and make inquiry, and get who the owner of the Finance house that Celestial money is being transferred to in large tranches. A whopping N80 Million under 24 hours, was there a board resolution? Did they sit to make such decision? If yes, where is the notice of the meeting?  Majority of this transferred money were made even when the court had given a mandatory order that no activities should be carried out in any of the accounts except when to pay salaries of the clergies and running of the admin office. In totality, there are various embezzlement and reckless spending close to N250m in just one account in Zenith Bank.

In another account, between 22 to 26 million was illegally transferred, mismanaged or recklessly spent. There is one transfer of N75 million with a remark of CD, that is not well stated. What is CD? From the pastoral accounts, what they normally do to aide their recklessness is to transfer from the pastoral account in Zenith to another pastoral account in UNION BANK.

Coming up next! Why Pius Olarewaju  Aligned Self With Pastor EMF Oshoffa Uncovered!

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15 responses to “How Over N80 Million Was Transferred To A Finance House Purportedly Owned By One Of Them”

  1. Evangelist Adebayo says:

    True leaders don’t behave like this.You are damaging the reputation of CCC founded by Papa Oshoffa with misleading information because of your pockets. It is very Shameful. As you chasing away folks with your actions, the judgement of God of Celestial will soon come upon all of you.
    Oju Oluwa Nwo yin.

  2. Adeyemi ayo says:

    Let ll concerned state their involvement in this sagacious mudslinging, until that is done, umight not get th3 facts perse

  3. Shola Uk says:

    Mission and Johnson…i blv it is d same person who is using different names on here…You must be a fool.Why are u so clueless like this. Must u write shit? Curses nd facts don’t go 2geda nah. Pius made a streamline live to discredited Baba jorotom nd dose worked under him with a cook nd book paper nd d Mr Alonge air it, which gone viral nd baba Jorotom reacted to it with real statement of an account where millions of Naria have bn transferred to a finance house…since u r a fool
    and clueless u come on here and be ranting like wounded lion whose his lies had boomerang to his face…I promise you…soon u wud enter ur Waterloo like ur thief(pius) boss. Awon omo ole jatijati…is CCC money na ur father Money dat u can be spending anyhow.
    I’m privledge to tell u authoritatively that…whn imeko project was under d watch of Baba Jorotom, Him and few peeps personal money was used to start up imeko project till date and dat what u ve seen at imeko…it is Baba Jorotom’s work… whatever dey r doing right now to d project is still his work becus what he had bn telling Mobiyina (PASTOR) AND HE REFUSED TO DO,It is what dey r doing now to generate funds but the only difference now Pius nd Pastor are milking d funds to their pockets which is d perfect example of what shown in d statement of the account…Your thief (pius) kobo was not included even though he pledge to gve dem money which he never did till today…becus Ayo shonekan,Mission Adande& Johnson oluwagbemiga are fondly saying imeko project under Baba jorotom nothing moved…omo Ale jataijati o ni ejekueje…Ole! All ur curses will come on you in Jesus name. Awon olote. Baba Jorotom stands for d church nd d peeps…and the truth shall prevail nd vindicate Baba Jorotom

  4. Alagba Norbert says:

    With God in control the church will be free one day from all this palaver because everybody is claiming to be be head

  5. prophet B. says:

    I trust the God of the church I belong to for 45YRS.

  6. Evangelist Agboola Fiso Lawrence says:

    We brought nothing to this world and we are taking nothing out of it. Vanity upon vanity. Let them acquire whatever they think they can but as a madman dies so also the mighty man.

  7. Abraham says:

    Jerome is a liar

  8. Johnson says:

    Pius Thief Olanrewaju is the treasurer and the owner of Finance House, Full Stop

  9. BADEMOSI Adedipo.. says:

    Hmmm ! Which way CCC ? Otito o ni le mu …ese ti gori aye …am short of words for now , let me think so that I don’t feel guilty of my comments but , to be candid we don’t have any leader amongst the leaders now that’s telling us the truth…if they have the Love of Christ and this church at HEART let them all resign and pave way for neutral investigation of both parties…

  10. Mission says:

    A privilege member that turn himself to a tyranny u keep disturbing the house of God with all your fake allegation,you refuse to give account of the Money in your care for Imeko cathedral project may God forgive u. You have forgotten that your gave reports of your Stewardship that is full of issus

  11. Mission says:

    A privilege member that turn himself to a tyranny u keep disturbing the house of God with all your fake allegation,you refuse to give account of the Money in your care for Imeko cathedral project may God forgive u

  12. Ileri says:

    Pls leave Baba Banjo out of this.

  13. Plus tunde says:

    With all this documents who is the treasurer of the church celestial church Christ he should call to explain the documents baba jeroton is providing please and again I am begging everybody to please put pastor mobiyina out this issue, I am not him but for celestial

  14. Grace Alao says:

    Its getting worse with these set of people but I saw this man denying all these, am confused here, is the video lying or covering up? This is bank statement now, OMG, money meant for hospital, universities are siphoned by one man. He must be arrested and prosecuted, then jailed

  15. Elder Isaiah, Chicago, Illinois. USA says:

    Can someone for God sake speak to this men of God (MOBT)not to wash there dirty linen in public,especially the head of the church been involved, can someone please call Baba Banjos attention to this matter?is this about God or self pride/recognition?I want someone to explain to me on what ground and criteria people are appointed to be member of the board of trustees,some years ago, Baba Banjo was humiliated,and someone went to the corporate office and said that the church was not registered, when pastor A A Bada was alive,such news was null and void, are you building this church with what God has blessed you with or doing otherwise, please lets pray for our church and the set of calibre of people surrounding the pastor,Gbogbo wa ni yio duro niwaju oluwa,atewe ati agba,

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