Needy Service: Stop Lying Against The Spirit Of God, No Angel Will Change Divine Order

November 23, 2017 / Deborah Solaja / Code Of Conduct / 6 Comments »

Someone asked this question online, “Dear Celestial Church members, why have you changed the Wednesday Needy Service to 2-4 hours revival? Why?”

For every rule, tenet, doctrine given to us by God through the late sage, Pastor SBJ Oshoffa, it was all revealed under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit as CCC is a church guided by the Holy spirit. Why therefore do we enforce our self-acclaimed ideologies into the already existing perfect order of services and mode of worship in CCC?

Why do our shepherds transform the Needy Service to long hours revival where abnormalities and irregularities are committed? To mention a few of the things they do are, introduction of collections and thanksgiving, open air revival, cancellation of lighting a candle each above the head of members who come for the service, while they lay in the church for few minutes as shown in the photo above.

But as many have rebelled against this act, a great number of Celestial Church also take side with it as they no longer hear from God anymore but from the Shepherds, reasons many of them are being lured into all kinds of thing.

May of them will justify their claim with “Emi lo ni ki n se be?” (Holy Spirit directed me to do it so) let’s be factual here, no matter what, no God will tell you to extend the hours of Divine Ordered service. Stop lying against the spirit of God. How sure are you that you have even heard directly from God and not from the spirit of deceit?

Is it acceptable to change our Needy Service into revival? What of the angels that descend during that service at a particular time, do they also join the revival too?. Please let’s have your take on it!


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6 responses to “Needy Service: Stop Lying Against The Spirit Of God, No Angel Will Change Divine Order”

  1. yk says:

    Ot is better to obey d order of service, we ll notice dat if 3elders prayers are not elongated, d service will finish by 09:30am ND place ppl in front of God by 10:00am, everybody will go to his /her working places

  2. ABURIME JAMES says:

    I implore every celestian to go back to the basis.Let us pray for God’s direction and i know He will not disappoint us.May God bless CCC.

  3. Geeooooo says:

    Using self ideology has been one of the main issues of Celestial Church’s leadership since Saint SBJ Oshoffa Departed. Men have used their own ideas to guide the church and lead people towards destruction. Its imperative to say its only God who knows what Baba Bada, Baba Agbaossi, Baba, Ajose, Baba Maforikan, Pa Jesse and althose that declared themselves pastor were thinking when they violated a divine order giving to saint SBJ Oshoffa……”he who has ears, let him listen to what the spirit says”. Unfortunately many of our leaders do things, modify doctrine for there own benefit without requesting God’s guidance in the matter of spirit. Anointing is one of the main issues that resonate with me. No ammendment had been made to the constitution yet both osise Oluwa and non Osise Oluwa are wearing the same rank of oye. Per Contitution signed by Saint SBJ Oshoffa, anyone that has not accepted to br osise Oluwa can not wear about superior leader. Yet we have 30 year olds wearing most Evangelist epe at egun ayeraiye.

    Lets revist our constitution and ilana a lot could be corrected.

  4. MAFE Olukunke Stephen. says:

    Hallelujah Glory be to God in the highest. Amen. It good for every celestial member to know that God has not change and that the establishment of Celestial Church of Christ is perfect. I personally believe if there should be another thing to be added to the doctrines and tenent of the Church God would have preserve Papa to be alive tii date. In as much the creation as not changed. The eyes are still located where God position it likewise all other parts of the body. The services ,doctrine and tenets should be left the way it was given. The challenges today in our are the fact that people want money at all cost and we have forgot what the book of Joshua1:8 says. May King of Glory help his church and the congregations in Jesus name. Hallelujah.

  5. Olanrewaju says:

    Using a personal idealogy against d divine order of God a lot is wrong …. D Needy service is an hour service no other addition or subtraction. Anything beyond d away d service is given to Papa from God are all personal ideas d holy spirit didn’t tell dem anything. God bless C.C.C

  6. Kasumu Ogunleye says:

    I see no problem in turning the Needy Service into revival. They can do short revival after the service. What I will not subscribe to is the issue of collections and thanksgiving during the service.
    Is only the people with problems that will tell where the shoe is pitching them. God will hear our prayers.

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