From Next Year, I Don’t’ Want To Hear Any Negative Report About CCC- Pius Olarewaju

December 27, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Spotlight / 3 Comments »

Superior Snr Evang. Pius Ige Olarewaju, a member of the BOT said to #cno that with God on the throne, the Basilica project would be officially declared open on or before 2018 Xmas Convocation. This he said to us at his Imeko home while we were invited for a meeting on the rancor between CNO and Benjamin Oshoffa by SP. M/S/E. Kayode Ajala.

“Can you see what God has done? I am sure you can now see that we are not rogues and thieves as your agents misled you to believe. You see, we have a lot of novelties to unravel about this church; nothing is going to stop us until everything is put in shape. We are not just going to stop here after the completion of the Basilica; we still have a lot of works to do.

We have the university project to take care of; we have to start work on how to see to building a Supermarket for Celestial Church in this heart of Imeko. The 70th anniversary has done pipe borne water and other amenities for the people of Imeko as part of the church’s CSR to mention a few.

A progressive minded persons like us do not have time for hearsays or pull-him-down syndromes, when they talk about things that may bring us backward, we are futuristic, we move with the trend, we are not despaired neither are we moved by the actions of the naysayers.

Everything we do here have the backing of God and, of course, the endorsement of all the BOT. 24 hours is not even enough to execute all this projects. So, my brother, together, we can take this church back to its original state. Rubbishing anyone or the pastor or the church will not add any value to the church’s advancement.

I have told my people that 2018, I don’t want to see or hear any bad news or negative report about CCC, any of them who brings it to me or calls my attention to it will be in trouble, all I want to hear next year about CCC starting from January is good news. We must continue to project positive things, we must continue to move forward, if anyone wants to remain behind, then, he or she has chosen a good cause.”

Sup. Evang. Pius and other top members like Prophetess Ladoja, Baba Akinterinwa, Baba Jerry, Evang. Kayode Ajala and wife, Veronica Olorunsh ola to mention a few, all thumbed down some reports on social media about the church and implore CNO to project the image of the church in a positive light. CNO was seriously lampooned on some stories which are said to be having negative effect on the church.

Well, we implore our people too to do what is right while in public place and be conscious of an action that may bring disgrace or disrepute to the image of the church and her people. If we fail to write, others may view it from a different angle. So, if we are upright in our deeds and action, then, we will be able to manage any external crisis sponsored by enemies of the church. We at CNO are not enemies of the church but partners in progress.

May God help His church! amen!


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3 responses to “From Next Year, I Don’t’ Want To Hear Any Negative Report About CCC- Pius Olarewaju”

  1. Otitokoro of IjoMimo says:

    Free mind fears no accusations…a lie may go thousands of years but the truth always catch up in a matter of second….gba bee

  2. prophet.Dare Busuyi says:

    Yes o, the promises of God that ccc will cleanse d world is now becoming a reality…HALLELUYAH. Thanks my dear brother Sup. Ev. Pius for ur uprightness..

  3. Yomi Newton Mrs says:

    We are public viewing ,our white can’t hide any stain no matter how tiny it seems. We are Bible , people read ,we need to be thorough and complete with our Actions and behaviours.

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