Oshoffa Is Not Dead, People Still See Him Here And There- Tosho Oshoffa

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While ministering during an Adult Harvest ceremony recently, Olatosho Mathew Oshoffa, who gave a powerful sermon on the pulpit informed the congregation about a certain woman who challenged him about his late dad who he’s always talking about and that she wanted to see him.

Tosho said he told the woman to get a stick of candle. Right inside the church there, he asked her to kneel down and he prayed that, “Father, I know you are ubiquitous and you are an all-powerful God, please open the gate of heaven to this woman, so she can see my father who I believe is right beside you in heaven so that she can see and believe that truly you sent your son, SBJ for this great task….”

According to Tosho, he said the following day, he was shocked when the woman called him up and said:

“I have seen your father, he came to me, very tall and he said, I am SBJ Oshoffa, and he asked me what I wanted him to do for me….”

When Tosho was given this message, virtually all the prophets and prophetesses in the church were all in the spirit, because the presence of the man that God sent to form this church, CCC seemed to be around that day.

Going through my Bible, I discovered these passages and I am still pondering on them:

Acts 13:34, “In fact, God raised Him from the dead never to see decay. As He has said: ‘I will give you the holy and sure blessings I promised to David. So also, He says in another Psalm: ‘You will not let your Holy One see decay.”

Psalms 16:10, “For You will not abandon my soul to Sheol; nor will you allow Your Holy One to undergo decay.”

John 8:51, “Truly, truly, I tell you, if anyone keeps my word, he will never see death.”

Do you believe Papa SBJ Oshoffa is still alive even though he’s dead? Do you share this line of reasoning? What’s your submission?

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3 responses to “Oshoffa Is Not Dead, People Still See Him Here And There- Tosho Oshoffa”

  1. Tope says:

    Tosho should stop ridiculing himself with his obsession with Papa Oshoffa. The gentle man of God has done his best and gone to be with the lord. The honour we accord him is not above that which is due to all saints.

  2. destiny says:

    papa oshoffa is not God. Stop this rubbish

  3. Prophet says:

    All this type of sermon will make people think we worship Oshoffa and not God. Yes we know God sent Oshoffa for this great task and he carried it out diligently and has gone to rest with the Lord. Please let us concentrate more on God and worship him in spirit and in truth so we dont mislead people. Thanks

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