Pastor EMF Oshoffa Confided This To Me After His Installation As Pastor – John Bada

October 3, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Give & Take / 9 Comments »

Reacting to what Baba Akeredolu Ibikunle said about Pastor EMF admittance of saying No to the church hierarchy that had come to fetch him at Republic of Benin then and why he didn’t want to go with them.

The issue we need to seriously clear here is that, Baba Akeredolu doesn’t have any blame here. He made his submission based on what #CNO culled from Punch online on Pastor EMF Oshoffa where he said the people came to tell him to follow them to Nigeria to be Pastor and he vehemently declined.

“Evangelist Akeredolu was wrong about his submission concerning the pastoral leadership as said by Pastor EMF Oshoffa. Indeed he was chosen by God. What happened was that some senior and seasoned prophets were put in to spirit and his name came up as the next pastor to take the church to the promise land.

He didn’t know anything about it. He was in Benin Republic when some elders of the church were sent there to bring him to Nigeria and he was brought and taken to my dad’s quarters, Baba Bada’s house that night at Imeko where the message was regaled to him. He never expected it and it was a rude shock to him.

Naturally he was hesitant as expected of anybody who will be going by the enormous responsibilities of the office and the complexities of leadership particularly in this church. He later accepted after considering that it was God who chose him.

He confided this to me after his installation as pastor when we came back to Ketu from Imeko. God did chose him, if not he would not be on that seat till date. I have a good understanding of what it is to be the pastor of the church. God chose him.

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9 responses to “Pastor EMF Oshoffa Confided This To Me After His Installation As Pastor – John Bada”

  1. greatakins says:

    ” I have a good understanding of what it takes to be the pastor of the church” God chose him.
    Dear John, let me tell you in a plain language that your dad, late rev. bada was the architect and the foundation boulder of all the problems in CCC till date with his cooked up and stage managed aamu and his cowries episode just immediately after the demise of papa oshoffa.
    If anyone must talk on this, it must not be you. you have all turn CCC affairs to family issue. quite unfortunate. Are you not ashamed of what the church has turned to from your father’s time to date. Tell me? where is celestial’s glory of those days.?

  2. prince says:


  3. Damisi says:

    ‘Labour ye on’ – hymn 429…May GOD BLESS HIS CHURCH…Hallelujah

  4. Elder Isaiah CCC Chicago Illinois says:

    Thanks Alagba John for your clarity on the subject matter, all the enemies of this church will surely lick the dust

  5. Toye says:

    God bless you sir

  6. Bunmi says:


  7. Olumide says:

    Nice one, thank you sir

  8. Mission says:

    God bless u and your submission about the truth yet some people will still go about reading meaning to it

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