The Position Of Shepherds Who Charge For Spiritual Consultation

October 24, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Youth Arena / 4 Comments »

I might be wrong about my analogy concerning the position of shepherds who often charge for spiritual consultation. But I have read about various prophets in the Bible and how God gave prophetic messages through them to the people but I have never seen a passage whereby the said prophet demanded gratification.

In the Celestial Church fold, this is one of the areas that our leadership needs to iron out. When people come for consultation, let them be assured that the problem will not be further compounded. Most Shepherds have turned themselves into money mongers; they use prophets as a tool to generate revenue for personal enrichment. What a folly! Greed

Service to God is service to humanity. If you believe God has called you into His vineyard to do His work, then, don’t worry about what you will eat or drink. God alone is enough to open the doors of His provision and promotion for you. If people need to buy things, let them do so instead of telling them to go and bring certain amount of money. Ijo Mimo is not Babalawo’s home or centre.

People will give but don’t demand by force or make them lose out of the work they are supposed to do.

I really want to make this an intellectual discourse and i will appreciate people’s candid opinion.​ I have heard this countless times within the Celestial Church fold that shepherds or prophets charge people for carrying out spiritual works. Is this conduct fair? What are the adverse effects, especially on those who cannot afford to pay such fee? Is it in line with church rules? I know some people have personal experience concerning the issue that i just raised. Kindly leave a comment!


-By Prophet Shola Johnson For #CNO

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4 responses to “The Position Of Shepherds Who Charge For Spiritual Consultation”

  1. greatakins says:

    when the head is rotten, what do you expect?

  2. greatakins says:

    they will all lick the dust.

  3. prophet segun says:

    my brother,humm can did be eradicated,where there is landlord Shepard claim to owns church,if it is a community church where Shepard is transfer, if committed rubbish,he can be dismissed or transferrable

  4. Ibk says:

    Just a few of them that are genuinely called. So you are right that they have turned the church to Babalawo centre. If these shepherds are pure, a lot of them will not have big tummy. The sheep are growing thinner but they are getting fatter. Half of the church women both single are married have been slaughtered by them. Cno, you need to continue writing about these satanic geniuses who claim to be shepherds. Let the judgement start from the altar. Inhave some scoop to share with you editor. It’s about a shepherd at omoalade alafia.

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