Do We Have To Put Prefix Like Dr, Barrister, JP etc To Our Ranks In Celestial Church?

December 15, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 4 Comments »

Prefix is the title before somebody’s name e.g. Mr., Hon, Dr, Chief or suffix like ESQ, JP to mention a few.

But in Celestial Church of Christ where we belong, the constitution of the church seriously frowns against using prefix like Dr. Barrister to one spiritual ranks. And for those who are yet to be anointed into any spiritual rank, it’s simply ‘Brother’ that is constitutionally accepted for such person to be addressed.

Today, what we see is different from the laid down rule. The doctrine has not been given a face any more. We have people putting Prophet Dr., Barrister etc to their Celestial titles which, we believe, does not align with the church tenets.

So, if someone has so many titles like Dr., Barrister, JP is it allowed to put all in his or her spiritual rank since we have decided to accommodate it and no one sees it to be wrong?

Let’s have you opinion please!

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4 responses to “Do We Have To Put Prefix Like Dr, Barrister, JP etc To Our Ranks In Celestial Church?”

  1. Tope says:

    Go to school and stop letting integrity complex pull you down. Wait there…the ranks are becoming useless day by day. Soon, you’d be hearing “Evangelist” for everybody and Dr, Prof. will surely follow. Go to school. Stop thinking Cele will tolerate your laziness.

  2. Superior Evangelist (Barrister) Olawole Famakinwa JP. says:

    Interestingly our constitution actually enjoins us to use within and outside the church the ranks we hold in the church. I am happy to be called Evangelist or Reverend when I am outside the church with other Christian denominations. Additionally, it does not forbid us from using appellations and prefixes that we have obtained in our professions in the church.
    Section 104 of the Constitution states as follows “Members shall use WITHIN And OUTSIDE the Church only those appellations and or prefixes relating to their ranks WITHIN the church. In addition, MEMBERs may use outside the Church those appellations and or prefixes that relate to their professional titles (e.g. Engr, Arch, Dr, Brig, Flight Officer, Navy Commander, or B.A. M.Sc, etc) or their gender (e.g Mr, Mrs, Miss, Esq.
    Our church is a dynamic and progressive church. The Learned and schooled are welcome. It is unfortunate that there appears to be a bit of inferiority complex, bad belle and jealousy
    when an individual is mocked and flayed if he is known to have achieved things for himself before joining our church. The scriptures in 2 Timothy 2:15 enjoins us to “STUDY to shew thyself approved…..”
    One point that I would like to add here and which is important, relevant and constantly ignored is that our church FROWNS and PROHIBITS the use and acceptance of chiftancy and traditionall titles. I shake my head when I find young boys in Facebook profiles refer to themselves as OTUNBA, APESIN etc. Young female Celestians in their 20’s who are single call themselves OLORI, AYABA, ERELU etc. Apart from it being an abuse of language, it shows a psychological deficiency to claim to be who you are not. At least the holder of Professor, Doctor, Engineeror Barrister indeed have earned their titles. A young unemployed man or struggling man calling himself Otunba etc or a girl calling herself Olori while every one knows she is still bed hopping are an embarrassment to our church.
    Section 103(Iv) of our constitutions expressly states that:
    A WORSHIPPER desiring to become a member shall renounceall titles, positions or associations which directly or indirectly conflict with the above injunctions (eg any type of CHIEFTAINCY TITLE).
    I have seen people attend church with choral beads on their left hands, even on their necks. This is unacceptable in a church where we have decided to follow JESUS Christ and leave the government of this earth.
    I welcome a sensible debate about this subject. I have no one in my sight. I am only saying the obvious.

  3. sup. abayomi says:

    most of dem are not qualify for this rank or this anointing they are taking

  4. sup. abayomi says:

    we don’t need to be canals why dr,barrister,Jp no no no

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