R.aped By Revivalist, Days After Blood Still Flows…What A Mystery!

September 14, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 34 Comments »

Sanitary towels used for days and the chair in which the assault was carried out!

I will start by using one of the quotes of Martin Luther King Jr. which says, “our lives begun to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” We at #CNO is not interested in any party or apportion blame to anyone but to clear the name of the church that is tied to this issue at hand.

Those who have claimed to know much about this incident can as well present their facts because our findings have revealed that there is more to this issue than meet the eyes and we are not going to relent until we get to the root of the matter.

Firstly, r.ape is a crime of the heart for the victim, and a crime of convenience for the perpetrator. Sometimes, when issues like this happen, parents are not able to be there for their daughters, the one who is carrying the brunt sure knows where it hurts.

There is a report going on in our church concerning a Celestial Shepherd in Abeokuta, Ogun State who is been indicted to have had canal knowledge of a young  lady against her wish, in any part of the world, it’s called r.ape.

Those who have experienced this kind of act before will attest to this fact that, most times, the r.aped victims don’t get over it, it hurts and haunts many every day.  For the lady who has been defiled by this clergyman, she and her family initially didn’t want this story published, they were only said to be interested in the spiritual and physical safety of the lady due to the fact that, days after her strange encounter with the said shepherd, a revivalist, blood never ceased to flow from her private part.

#CNO, since two days now, has been in contact with some agents of law in and out of Abeokuta who are privy to the story. The reason why we are taking out time before publishing is because we were waiting to hear from the other party but it’s shocking that the other party has remained inaccessible (tried severally to reach him on an MTN number provided to us but to no avail 08033…624) and having waited for two days, we decided to come out with this preamble perhaps, their reaction will surface.

The parents of the lady are of the opinion that their daughter may be stigmatized for life if such news come out about their daughter. To us at #CNO, there is nothing close to that, we have seen many r.aped victims who continued to leave a normal live, so, their daughter’s issue shouldn’t be an exception.

But the victim herself has come out a few hours ago insisting that the story be published, she wants justice, she wants the entire CCC members to know that everything being bandied by some people who are sympathetic to the shepherd’s already damaged-image is nothing but lies from the pit of hell.

She has already said she knew everyone would blame her, because r.ape is the only crime the victim becomes the accused. She is now ready to go as far as telling the world about her predicament with the supposed man of God. This will come out in our subsequent posts including video.

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34 responses to “R.aped By Revivalist, Days After Blood Still Flows…What A Mystery!”

  1. kofoshi says:

    if temi is your real name go rote in hellmodafuckers
    Evidence indeed

  2. Temi says:

    I hope you bastard using oshoffa and CNO know that you may spend the rest of your life in jail. It is us who told cno not to write anything on you modafucker because of the church people that have been calling. If we go to court with our evidence , I swear you will not escape 21 years. This same famakinwa you called a olori buki will be the one to face your lawyer. Keep this coming. I pray Satan push you to you resting place soon. Awon Iran ale. Enough evidence is on your head, we are only waiting for signal.

  3. #CNO says:

    #CNO av been running no more evidence !!! meetch wat a pity !!
    iku lere ESE ….anyway!

  4. oshoffa says:

    oloriburuku ni famakinwaa
    Adeyinka iku iya lemaa Ku ni iku egbaa
    gbeyin …..awonree

  5. Kemi says:

    Editor.. Please give us the update of the rape saga o

  6. Peter Omah says:

    “The parents of the lady are of the opinion that their daughter may be stigmatized for life if such news come out about their daughter. To us at #CNO, there is nothing close to that, we have seen many r.aped victims who continued to leave a normal live, so, their daughter’s issue shouldn’t be an exception”.
    The caption above is from CNO. you will see the kind of society we all live in by the assertion of that innocent woman. Such statement indicate that she can never get justice. And my heart goes to her that God will take her grief away in Jesus name.
    Fellow people, research says 80% of Nigeria men are rapist, they always force women to sex, and even beat the shit out of the woman if she is not giving in, google it from United Nation gazette. Its been a style and they keep traumatizing those young girls. The people at the government are not excluded. Governors will take those girls in colleges in the night for parties etc. Lets keep praying for good governance, so people right will not continue to be violated. Thank you CNO for your good job.

  7. Chibuzor says:

    This blood of a thing is nothing but a movie make up ….!!!! What people can do for money …..she should bring doctors report to the CNO …WHICH THE CNO SHOULD FOLLOW WITH A POLICE AND A LAWYER FOR TEST AT AN HOSPITAL IF SHE IS REALLY BLEESING !

  8. Superior Senior Leader 'Mofe Odunbaku #08056644449# says:

    I will be the most happiest creature on earth if CNO will publish the name of the culprit and all his identity. let there be no hiding place for the idiot. i don’t care who or what he his, i wonder the kind of anointment the fool had. i am sure he was anointed with ororo eja. The devil in human skin should be fully exposed amuni buni eran ibiye. And for fools that are taking his side…………………. i pray your daughter, Sister, wife and even your mother be his next victim then you will understand what it takes to be traumatized. CNO I believe in God Almighty who has choosing you to be representing His Church and i believe in the editorial team please let Justice prevail. Let prove to the world that we are not what they think we are.

    #if you think i have talk too much come and beat me in my house i dey Lagos#

  9. isreal. O says:

    Even after being sentenced to death, their corpse should still be in the prison for years. nonsence

  10. Elizabeth says:

    People who rape girl should be sentence to death, non of them should be left unpunished, cos must of the victims re all chattered. let stand up together as one and end this mystery

  11. Jaiyeola Oba says:

    Olomoplenty I call her olomosatani
    Her son a fanatic moslem
    Her daughter is a lesbian
    Married to different number of men
    Who Are you to interfere in complicated issue, you are suppose to be hiding your face, sincerely
    asewo to re london: thats who you are. thats for Toyin Obatula Darlington

    And to the victim. you people should make proper investigation,
    the man should be arrested, get is statement down,,,, to known wether hes guilty or not
    And why his he running, that means theres something behind it,,,,,

    What if he had use her

    That lesson for all
    Not all ministers you see are truly Man of God


  12. Emerald says:

    Pls to the victim while the normal law process is going on concerning the rape issue , she should please seek medical attention immediately, the bleeding should be attended to urgently.. Series of medical test should be conducted .. Bleeding might be due to ruptured vessel as a result of force.. Thanks

  13. Demilade says:

    wow olomoplenty am dissapointed by this, exchanging words with kids,,,,this shows you are not are mother, calling them sorts of name, even if you wants to settle a matter, you dont have to go this way,,,,you are one sided madam. its glaring you are the same

  14. Queen Adesewa says:

    wow,,,,is it only you iya olomo plenty,,,,,leave this case they dont want you to handle their lifes
    Today is you Birthday
    you probably want todae to be a bad day

  15. Isabella says:

    O ga ooo.ijo mimo so make we dey fear to enter shephards offices or to go revivals nw.cos I understand dis evil doers intentions towards the church.i dont knw why we still dey prolong the matter. Penalty dey for such people na.

  16. Christopher. A. JP says:

    iya olomo plenty have you forgotten you are once a prostitutee,,,,,i have your detail,,,i have wanted to come out with this longtime ago,,,,,but now i think the whole world should know who you are, you slept around with shepherds if even before you travelled abroad, now you are dere in abroad where you are sleeping around, and you have the audacity to cause trouble here in Nigeria,,,,is it a must to be a JOURNALIST, look for better jobs,,,,,i have been trapping since 2015,,, you caused trouble with among the elders, you gave a false prophecy that Baba banjo would die,,,,is he dead man. Evil woman,,,,if you think you can go away with this,, its a lie,,,i will message you my number privately,, call me idiot

  17. Omo cele ni mi says:

    Married, Virtuous, proustite or “public toilet girl” as you call it. When a woman says NO, no man has the right to go ahead to have sex with the person. A big shame on any woman that supports and encourages sexual abuse of other women. It speaks a lot of your morality. By their fruits ye shall know them. The Shepard in question must be one of her omoplenty. Olomo aja plenty that cannot control their dicks. Abasa iranu

  18. Elizabeth Adeola says:

    how dare you say public toilet girl, have you seen them before,,,,because you cudnt get involve in the case, its paining you,,,,because you are there in london, you think no one will catch you, dont worry you ll soon be deported,. i bet you. you cant go away with this iya olomo plenty(oluwatopraise obatula)

  19. Gbadebo says:

    Any way I trust CNo he will never collect bride that I know let the Revivalist be jailed,so it will be a lesson for the rest, is getting too much,they can talk to their dick once they see woman,than why are you a man if you can’t control yourself,any way when there is no proper tutelage in cele,most of them no school certificate of any ,God will help this great church, no treat no surrender he must be jail next time when him see toto he go hold him dick or him go run

  20. Gbadebo says:

    Badaru will you shut up your mouth,what do you mean may be you are one of them,God will flush out any one that is not genuine or can’t hold their feeling for sex,what nonsense, not evening sleeping the gal now is the case ,do you know if after sleeping with her he used it for ritual bunch of vagabonds

  21. Yomi Newton Mrs says:

    Intriguingly absurd ! Whatever name it’s been tagged, this should not be named in the house of God ! End time indeed !

  22. Mother Celestial Deborah Yangbe says:

    Whatever the shortcomings of the girls’ household does not justify the audacity for a supposedly man of God to play on their vulnerabilty as to RAPE.
    Rape case os not taken uo until it is confirmed by a medical doctor after series of tests. Tbe medical doctor is under professional oath to report ALL TREATED CASES of Rape to the State Government. Whether the victim and parent like it or not, Rape is a criminal case between the state and the perpetrator with the victim as evidence and witness. Therefore, the issue of settling it ‘amicably’ could work if victom had not sought medical attention. Probably, if the perpetrator takes bold step to plead with family of the victim, justice might be tempered with mercy, if the parent accept to step in

  23. Olalekan says:

    Olomoplenty, are you sure you are truly a woman and a mother? How cultured are you to stoop this low to calling other people names,your being out of Nigeria does not make you a better person than the lady whose case is being brought to the fore. Never you forget that those who live glass houses do not throw stones. I will want to assume that for you to hastily pass judgement and come to the conclusion that the said lady is lying shows that you more than bias and have no conscience of morality whatsoever. If you have daughters, nieces, sisters desist from playing the role of a tainted soul before it get too late so that coals of fire and brimstone will not be hurl at them through your action.

  24. Adeleke Lashe says:

    I knew this story would not have a full stop once cno gets it. Now you all can see it. Exactly what I was avoiding. Now it has happened, things will be bad now for everybody involved in this case. What a pity!

  25. Evang. Olu says:

    CNO and Famakinwa, thanks for this. I have from good authority that the police in abeokuta are working in hand to shift the story from rape to prostitution claiming that the girl was the one who wanted it because of money but they have failed, we are sending a message to the police tomorrow that will even make then fail in their quest to put this case under carpet. It’s good to keep record. The beginning is about to start. I am a member of the fathers church

  26. Badero says:

    Hmmm. This is better. Don’t put their names of faces editor. You are subjecting them to ridicule. Can’t you people reason? I just hope the matter can be settled without going to court because if it gets there, the man will not escape 21 years. May God help hime.

  27. Superior Evangelist (Barrister) Olawole Famakinwa. says:

    Rape victim stories can be very difficult to read, frightening and emotionally draining. However, accounts of rape show other victims that they are not alone in their struggles. Exposing the rape story of this clergy man in Abeokuta would detail the abuses and assaults that the victim, who shall remain nameless, has suffered and would survive and go on to succeed in giving evidence against the perpetrator of this heinous crime. CNO can use an assumed name to tell the victims story, but name the suspect. He can go to court to prove his case. CNO’s account should indicate that the victim cannot be named for legal reasons. All rape victims are entitled to annonimity during and beyond the conclusion of the criminal trial. It is an offence to name the victim. The Court during trial would give a corresponding order. The victim can waive her annonimity after the conclusion of the case.
    Women who are raped by men they know, at home or in a social setting like a church environment, are less likely to report because they question or doubt their role and responsibility in the attack on them. NO WOMAN HAS ASKED TO BE RAPED. Rape is an expression of power and domination. It should be condemned. It is an abuse of power and position when this happens in the church. How will the clergy feel if his daughter, wife, sister, niece or mother was raped by a man who was supposed to protect them?
    There is no reason not to name the perpetrator of the rape on this helpless woman. Please name the clergy in full, stating that that he is alleged to have done the act. He can always employ his own PR team or make a statement to the DPO in rebuttal. CNO is not obliged to name the woman under any circumstances. CNO can assist the victim in lodging a complaint with the Social Service Department at the Local Governemt or the Ministry of Women’s Affairs who would ensure that a complaint is lodged at the Police Station and free legal representation arranged for the victim.
    In the present scenario, the victim and her parents should be brave. The evil has been done already. They should ensure that they are not bribed, intimidated or persuaded to drop their allegation. Pursuing the case will give the victim strength and she would be surprised that as time goes on, the tide of public support will turn in her favour.
    CNO should encourage and assist the victim to make a statement on oath at a Magistrates Court, detailing full names name of perpetrator, office held, date, place, time, mode Of dressing, bruises, injuries and witnesses after the event. This witness statement can be submitted to the Police, Social services and to Ketu. It is high time the clergy know that they are subject to state and God’s law. When a Shepherd is locked up in prison pending trial, all men of similar ilk would dare not commit such an act. Those who have committed the act in the past would be afraid that their victims would report them.
    I do not agree that there is a stigma on the survivor of a rape or sexual assault. It is actually a great stigma on the man, man of God who commits this crime and feels like he got away with it. The Church should quickly distance and suspend itself from such men. Sadly, the church cannot attempt to want to investigate a criminal offence. It is a Police matter. It can discipline its staff after Police and Court action. The church should no longer provide cover for serial abusers of women. From what I gather there is like to be rape, indecent assault, assault occasioning grievous bodily harm, battery’s likely charges available to the Police after investigation this matter.

    • Superior Senior Leader 'Mofe Odunbaku says:

      Superior, Famakinwa… God Bless you sir. Pls i will implore you to use your knowledge and everything God has deposited in your care to get to the root of this matter in other to assist the victim. having it in mind that whatever you do to assist the victim is not for her or her family but for our Great Church. Olu Ijo mimo a gbe wa.

  28. Lekan Otudeko says:

    Pls editor put their faces of so I can tell my sister to stay off such a man and also the name of the man and it’s Parish. We need to Santos the church

  29. Omoniyi Olarenwaju says:

    The evil thathat men do….

  30. Mrs. Dorcas says:

    The shepherd should be jailed for 21 years. He deserves it. Olomoplenty, you are insane. You as a mother is talking like this. I pray such will happen to your daughters too in Jesus name. Watch kind of woman would support such an act irrespective of what the situation might be. You are a disGrace to womanhood.

  31. Adeboye A says:

    Toyin Obatula, u are such a stupid and silly ass. You have no shame and you are so useless you are dragging issue with kids. I have been told about your silly act in abeokuta and very soon, same game plan you use to slap people will be used to slap you. Blackmail, prophetess of doom. If you were not stupid and useless would you have had four kids for for Fathers? You are a disGrace to motherhood. Anyone who see you and see pig should embrace pig because you are worse that what you present. We are ready for you, we are in this fight to finish. Let’s see who wins between us and you. Useless woman. Thanks CNO editor for your report but you have not reported anything yet. Why?

  32. Olomoplenty Tayeshe1 says:

    Pure lies from a frustrated public toilet gurl. The 2 Sisters are nothing but public toilet looking for someone to get money from. Their Shepherd Father should be run away from. Having 2 daughters that gets RAPPED FREELY he needs to be questioned on what turned his daughters to daily victims.

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