Reminisce Of CCC @70 By Deborah Oshoffa-Ogunbiyi

October 2, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Virtuous Women / 3 Comments »

One of the beautiful daughters of Papa SBJ Oshoffa, Arewa Deborah Ogunbiyi has made a post to recall the activities concerning the platinum Jubilee anniversary of the Church, CCC.

“Is there still someone who sill doubts that CCC is truly a church established by God to fulfill a mission of cleansing the world????

All of the nation North, East, West and South, it was celebration of CCC. All over the world….I am so proud so to be a member and a child of the vessel of honour God used. Rev. SBJ Oshoffa of blessed memory, 32 years after his death CCC has waxed stronger. Hmmm, what a mystery of God! God is not changing His words about CCC being the last boat of salvation. (But we people have changed that I guess) Even with elders and members loosing focus .God’s covenant with CCC remains unchanged. Not everyone will become a Celestial church member but so many people enjoy the grace .So many things we do, churches are imbibing them but adding class (smiles) we were condemned for using holy oil but everyone uses anointing oil now.

What we need in CCC is more evangelism and in-depth knowledge of the word of God. Most people depend so much in Shepherds and prophets that they have no personal relationship with God. Our elders should do more than putting curses on people in prayers and on the pulpit (that has to do with the Prayer of an elder at the anniversary who was reigning curses on members for God knows what in the altar of God) Less of media negativism of CCC. (thank God #CNO not inclusive) All churches have issues, nothing is peculiar to us. Let us manage our differences well. (Are we creating vacuum to manage the differences?)

What is your personal impact to CCC? (This is a one-million dollar question, let’s answer her please)

Are you a good ambassador of CCC? (Hmmm, if we post things about ambassadors we have here now, the church go shake gbigbigbi)

Are you saved? (God, make God make us save o)

Are you thinking of eternity? (We do I guess but our acts are not walking the path to eternity)

May we witness more celebration in Jesus name and May the 70th Anniversary usher in new hopes, restorations, blessing and peace in our lives and CCC. Proudly Celestial!

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3 responses to “Reminisce Of CCC @70 By Deborah Oshoffa-Ogunbiyi”

  1. elitsjohnny says:

    halleluyah Sir ogunleye did you doubting the church isn’t progressing .

  2. Kasumu Ogunleye says:

    After 32 years of demised of the pastor founder of celestial the church is still waxing is an understatement but how and when will the church come together under one unmbrella is what the big question people are turning their deaf ear to.

  3. prince says:


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