Shepherd, 80, Allegedly Beaten Up By Parochial Members At Luli Parish, Maryland, USA

November 25, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 41 Comments »

This is really not the kind of story #CNO is happy to write about but the truth, as they say, is bitter. No matter what the case may be, a shepherd is a representative of Christ, whatever his age may be, he deserves to be respected. But for the members of CCC Luli Parish, Maryland in United States of America, it’s a different ball game entirely.

According to the video evidence before us, the Parish which is said to be under the late Baba Maforikan’s faction now headed by Rev Prophet Gabriel Beeni Omoge, are alleged to be harassing their aged Shepherd, Sup. Evang. Agbassa, over money and other trivial issues which #CNO will unveil to you soon.

This ugly incident, as we gathered, has been happening for too long in that parish. They’re alleged to be fond of raising their hands against their Shepherd at every slighted misunderstanding just because he dissolved the parochial committee who are said to have spent over 6 years and refused to relinquish the position for others.

The case between the parochial committee and the Shepherd is already at Prince Georges County Court House in the State of Maryland, USA now as you are reading this. The Parish was shut down penultimate Sunday as we were told that Police stormed the place to rescue the old parochial elder who took the money from the altar when being beaten to a pulp.

75% of the Church members,we were told, supported the aged clergyman as they all moved with him to a place where they rented for last Sunday’s service.

The genesis of their brouhaha was when the old Parochial Committee members were said to have slashed his salary and they said they never wanted him anymore as their shepherd, though he has been there, as we gathered, for more than 15 years.

To be continued….

Meanwhile, the video is available to any member of the church on request. It’s an eyesore to upload it on social media, any member who wants to have a glimpse of it should request for it with a promise that it will be deleted after watching it…The entire Christendom will mock us if such goes online. May God help heal our church! Amen.

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41 responses to “Shepherd, 80, Allegedly Beaten Up By Parochial Members At Luli Parish, Maryland, USA”

  1. Kasumu Ogunleye says:

    It is a show of shame that celestial do settled their matters in the court. What a shame. What is a Shepherd doing in one church for the past 15 years without being transferred. Just because of money. Celestial need to put their house in order.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Reverend Charles Agbaza definitely deserves vindication from social media scrutiny. Shame on all enemies of progress!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Baba Agbaza has finally won the court case putting the parochial committee and evil doers of Luli Parish to utmost shame. Moreover @ Michael Alonge… FYI Baba Agbaza’s rank is above that of a Superior Evangelist. He’s actually Reverend Charles Agbaza, Head of North America Archdiocese (USA, Canada, Mexico and the Carribeans combined) representing Nigeria Diocese Faction!!! He deserves to be vindicated from social media scrutiny!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    @ Michael Alonge… FYI Baba Agbaza’s rank is above that of a Superior Evangelist. He’s actually Reverend Charles Agbaza, Head of North America Archdiocese (USA, Canada, Mexico and the Carribeans combined) representing Nigeria Diocese Faction!!!

  5. Luli says:

    Final Ruling from the court:
    Shepard Agbaza has been reinstated to his position and cannot be terminated.
    the parochial committee (that sued the shepard) will vacate in 3 months.
    kindly update your story.

  6. prophet.Dare Busuyi says:

    To prove urself right , kindly release d video…seeing is believing.

  7. Dammy says:

    This is not fair on the could some people say they want to sell the c hurhc of God and share the profit…God will go into judgment with everyone that wants to destroy our church..The will know no peace ijn…and no one beats shepherd

  8. Bonafide memeber says:

    This is not just rigjt ..all we want his leave and a place to worship…No one i repeat beat shepherd..this is all fabricated lies and I don’t know why people don’t have the fear of God…its all 6 feet ..we will all die one day and I hope u all know that

  9. Concerned member says:

    The article in this post showed that d writer is biased. Why don’t u wait for a court judgement before insinuating ur opinion on others. Read Matt.7 vs 1.

  10. DR. KUNLE HAMILTON says:

    You are all very passionate about our common heritage, our wonderful Celestial Church of Christ. I agonize that Luli Parish, MD, should keep rolling in this crisis that has been off and on for years. I agonize over the assaults to the Shepherd and Chairman, both aged. Affable Daddy Olu Oshodi of CCC Ayilara Parish once preached at Luli Parish and had to also help settle a similar crisis among the same dramatis personae. Before Daddy Oshodi, I also visited MD and preached at Luli. It was a beautiful experience. There were many people I knew there. MY ADVICE: The continued welfare of a Congregation must always supercede that of a Shepherd, not by violence or acrimony, but by adjudication and biblical wisdom. I love many things about Daddy Agbassa, but on this score the honorable thing would have been for him to report to his new pastor (Beni Omoge) and allow him adjudicate between him and the Congregation. Now that this matter is with US Govt authorities (who have no business with Pastor Omoge) the matter would most likely be decided in favour of the Congregation. Let’s not blame Michael Alonge too much for publishing the story – one sided or not – he didn’t create the Luli crisis. Rather, let’s all learn from this imbroglio… Accusations of greed and mismanagement always trail money matters in every church that lacks foolproof administrative structures, policies and manpower. If all parishes had qualified accountants and auditors help set up our money management structures with shepherds and church workers getting paid without touching church monies, Luli and all CCC parishes would not have to deal with crises like this repeatedly. So help us God. Amen.

  11. The who fear God says:

    I am ashamed of what has become of a glorious church of Christ. SBJ Oshofa is looking at you all. Remember the time of reckoning is at hand when Jehovah Jah will open our books to judge us. Those of us who used our positions to steal church money or commit sexual immorality among the lonely sheep ‘Jehovah Rauyahmaye is now knocking on your to give what he promise u in his book.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Stop ranting you followers of evil, I have been a member of the Luli Parish for more than 6 years now, I must tell you that the reporter said it all. What you always do to daddy Agbassa is wrong, I hope God will not ask you to give account on earth here before you die.

    • Ayinke says:

      I see because you are one of his thugs. You have known him for 6 years. There are people there who have know him since he joined celestial church in the United States, left to join Pentecostal for 14 years and came back begging to be accepted back into the fold. These people know his greedy ways. So know the kind of tree you are backing.

  13. Ayinke says:

    As a reporter you are supposed to hear from both sides before your publication; but you didn’t. Which means your publication is biased and false. If you want to be honest with your readers you will let them know that the video in question is the other way way around. Where this so called shepherd’s thugs beat up the parochial Committee chairman because the shepherd was disappointed that the parochial Committee did not him loot money from from the harvest proceeds. So him and his thugs decided to high jack the tithe box. You need to get the right information before printing. The matter in court is the parochial Committee chairmanship filing charges on how the shepherd’s thugs rough handled him with the video as evidence. This same thing happened in Edward Parish in London. Thank God for the legal system; the shepherd was banned from the church because of his greed. Can you imagine? Celestians, wake up!!! My people perish for lack of knowledge. We don’t need a wool pulled over our faces anymore because of all these shepherds greeds and calling themselves “levites”. Go and get a job. The church is not your ATM. And for you Mr publisher, you should strive for togetherness not me for Paul, u for Apollo. If you are not qualified to do something give let a better person do it. A true reporter will get their facts before publishing. You are a disgrace also to put a Pastor’s picture on the publication. If you are trying to get attention you don’t have to stoop that low.

  14. prince says:

    Alonge I think u need prayer bcos I can see dat from dis ur ugly post.
    Why do you ve to put the picture of pastor Beni Omoge on dis post ?
    You descend so low by calling calling him Rev with out Pastor attach to his man.
    But common sense should tell you dat d only anointed pastor dat ve one wife with 100% biblical spirit filled and with superb revival.
    With great vision for ccc now is
    Pastor Gabriel Beni Omoge (JP)
    Note also that he is d only fitted pastor in ccc now.

  15. Prophetess O. says:

    Michael Alonge, be rest assured that Luli would sue you for deformation of character. Lulians are respectable individuals. As a publisher you’re meant to get your facts right before publishing them. Michael, you as a Celestian should think deeply even if you were paid a lumpsum to do this, Olujomimo is watching us all.

  16. Prophetess O. says:

    Michael Alonge, I hope you’re ready for this because Luli members will sue you for deformation of character. Luli parish members are respectful individuals. Before you publish tales like this I advice you get your story right. I know you’re a celestial, think deeply.

  17. S/Evang. Adetayo. says:

    Please don’t release the video to anybody. For one thing, non-Celestials will demand for it and for another, how do you trust them to delete it ?
    The video should only be available for those in authority over the parish for resolution. Thanka.

    • Ayinke says:

      He has no video to release. The video is with the police department for evidence. The shepherd’s thugs made one up and took it to the court house to counter suit but it was rejected. The court gave the shepherd and his thugs a restraining order to leave the church because of their actions beating up an over 70 year old parochial Committee chairman became they were not able to loot. This reporter is reporting false information because he is not on the faction of the Pastor. It should not be like that. He should report the truth. That is Celetial for you anyway. They only support where enriches their pockets

  18. Olusegun Balogun says:

    Please send us the video

  19. Concern member says:

    The elders of the church are listening, let’s see what they want to do.

  20. Bro. Femi says:

    My question, are Celestians Christians? Because it fascinating to read some comment from people who I think are supposedly be Christians. As Christians Paul or Apollo is not our concern but our brother’s keeper. We should practise peace by all means possible. Let’s advise the old and correct the young. I strongly condemn laying of hand on men of God be it fake or authentic let God play is role. However, it sad know that Celestial Church is yet to have a functional structure Administrative wise. Titanic will not be our portion iJn.

  21. Rotimi says:

    Putting fractions under your news line is damaging celestial,Maforikan,mobiyino or not celestial is celestial.though I know has a press member you need pictures and headlines that will call attention of people to read but mind you this is a news that deals with celestial church,even non celestial are interested in it more than we the celestial,infact you give celestial who are fraction frick a room to spoil the name and call of the pastor involved.for better celestial and to protect the future of celestial I implore our reporters to stay away fractions when dealing with parish news for the sake of celestial thanks.

  22. Hoyedolapo says:

    What is pastor Beni omoge’s picture doing on this post, is he the one who was beaten or how does this post relate to him

  23. Prophet Francis says:

    Alonge I am not surprised for the information but one thing that comes to my mind us that why do you put the man if God picture to this story,so you at telling us now that your media is for Jesus faction it ought not to be so. Coming out with this story is good but let all the faction in celestial church of Christ call all there shepherd and talk to them and even member should try not to bring cause to them self and even there children children may God help celestial church of Christ

  24. Aderonke Adeneye -Owowo. says:

    It Is not advisable to share any video that can tarnish the image of the church. I only have 2 questions. For how long will a Shepherd lead a congrégation ? And what is the tenure of a parochial commitee ? If he is not a landlord Shepherd, then there should be a time limit. As for the parochial too, they must be changed from time to time. Why Will one lay a hand on the Shepherd for crying aloud.

    • Ayinke says:

      Thank you. The shepherd was chosen there as a respect for being the eldest when the church left the headquarters because of all their nonsense. Since then he has refused to step done and has made himself a landlord shepherd. Luli just bought a new building and the shepherd with his thugs don’t care about payment of the place. All they want is money to come to the shepherd’s pocket. If it had not need for this parochial Committee there would have not been anymore Luli. So the church unanimously agreed to keep them until the mortgage is paid. 2 years ago, the shepherd decided to hand pick his own people to lead the adult harvest. Over $35k was realized and $7k was turned in to the church. Haba. All the time we vote people in, they deliver a good amount to the church because the shepherd and his thugs have no control over the money. This last harvest, they realized over $50k and turned in over $35k to the church and that is why this wahala. Nothing came to his hand to loot. So he decided to desolve the parochial committee because it is not favoring him. The church has a mortgage, they have to send 1/3 to Ketu, whatever they give him he is not satisfied. Then he will come on the pulpit and be causing his children not ours o. A lot of members are sitting at home because of his actions. Less money is being realized every Sunday. What do you expect the parochial Committee to do. First pay bills then whatever is left they will remove his his salary.

  25. Prohet Francis Emmanuel says:

    Alonge, DO NOT SHARE SUCH VIDEO. Should anybody query the authenticity of your information, he or she should challenge it in court where the evidence can then be officially disclosed under Data Protection and Freedom of Information Acts.

    Touch ye not my anointed ….
    4th Mosaic Commandment mandates us to honour our parents and those above us physically in age and spiritualoty. Daring laying hand on an Octogenarian Ambassador of Christ is uncalled for and unbelievable irrespective of his various a’allegations’. A suspect remains innocent until proven guilty by reputable body amd punishment is standard. Taking laws into one’s hands is a sign of disrespect to the authorities of the la d

  26. Ella Effiom says:

    If that video will bring disgrace to the church, Alonge pls don’t share it. You have done well keeping it. Holy Spirit will always guide and direct you. All those who are asking for it and not the true celestials, keep it and don’t even send it to anyone on request.

  27. Kayode says:

    It’s a big disgrace to those members doing that to an 80 years old man. They are not even considering his age, the people coming behind will do same to them. Amen.

  28. Anonymous says:

    All the parishes of Maforikan in US are the ones acting funny. You will hardly see Ketu parishes behalf in this manner because they are organised.

  29. Prophet Lawrence A.K says:

    Is omoge up to 80? Why are you lying for this boy

  30. Princess Ariwajoye says:

    I know the parish at Maryland, always full of arrogant people. It’s true that the parish has been shut down. I really don’t know why but I never like the parish….anything about Maforikan, I don’t go there, he never looked pure to me, omoge may be a bit better but we’ll, who knows? So, the video is about what cno? Why putting us on suspense?

    • Ayinke says:

      Well u must have visited with an arrogant attitude too and they dropped you down your high horse. Luli does not need anyone like you.

  31. Gloria says:

    But for crying out loud, what is a man of 80 still doing in the altar? I think he got what he bargained for. His children should just take him out of the church before they strangle him. It just an advice

  32. Tejumade says:

    I don’t believe you have any video, stop working on us, if you have it share it or are you afraid?

    • Ayinke says:

      Fact: he doesn’t have it. The real video is in police custody. The shepherd’s thugs tried to put one together but the court rejected it and gave them restraining order to leave the church including the shepherd

  33. Goke says:

    Iglf you are not sharing the video now, those who sent it to you will share it on social media so all what you are hiding will come to the open, why not share it now and see how we can call the leaders to look into it.

  34. Wolie Segun says:

    Alonge pls post the video. Let’s see their stupidity…what have they turned this church to….Parochial committee? Ah! O ga bayii o

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