For Single Ladies Only: How To Identify Genuine Love In A Guy!

September 16, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Youth Arena / 2 Comments »

To love someone genuinely is so rare these days but when one encounters genuine love in any form, it’s a wonderful thing to be cherished in whatever form it takes. But how can you ladies know if this guy truly feels something about you, genuinely!

You can have everything you want in a man, you can see all you ever desired in a person, but if you don’t have a genuine connection with them, then, they still aren’t best for you. Though, sometimes, life doesn’t end up as we planned it, whatever happens, don’t ever trade your authenticity for approval.

Many ladies have lost good guys because they cannot identify good guys. Although some guys can be pretentious, you can identify a fake guy and you can know whether a guy loves you or not in the following ways:

  1. A fake guy will demand for s.ex. A real guy will also demand for sex. But a fake guy will quit the relationship if you refuse to have sex with him, while a real guy will not quit even if you don’t give him s.ex.
  2. A fake guy shows love and care. A real guy also shows love and care. But watch out! A fake guy will stop to be caring if you commit any offense, but a real guy never stops being caring no matter your offense.
  3. A real guy will not like to leave you no matter the situation.
  4. A real guy that truly loves you will always apologise even if it is not his fault.
  5. Fake guys pamper ladies. Real guys also pamper ladies too. But if a guy pampers you to the extreme, hmm don’t trust him. In most cases, fake guys pamper ladies more than the real guys.
  6. When a guy uses too many sweet words all the time, be careful. He may be fake product. Real guys that truly love u will use few sweet words.
  7. A real guy that truly loves you will be very concerned about your problems. He will always show much concern about the causes and solutions to your problems. But a fake guy only shows more concern about his own problems.
  8. A real guy will spend money on you. Fake guy will also spend money on you. But a fake guy will not give you much money unless you have sex with him. No s.ex, no money. Fake love.
  9. A fake guy will promise to marry you. A real guy will also promise to marry you. But a real guy will always discuss with you about how to build a successful marriage.
  10. A real guy can kneel down and even shed tears to beg you never to lose him. A fake guy who does not love you will not do that. Think Twice!!!

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2 responses to “For Single Ladies Only: How To Identify Genuine Love In A Guy!”

  1. ABURIME JAMES says:

    You are right brother Ola.God’s consultation is very important.

  2. Ola says:

    I think to get a good guy is to consult God because God knows all heart

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