The Church Is Just Too Big To Have One Head Pastor- Alagba

October 30, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Flames From The Web / 7 Comments »

 This is what an ardent audience of #CNO has to say concerning the unity of Celestial Church Of Christ Worldwide. He is of the opinion that different countries of the world should have their respective pastors

“My brothers and sisters in Celestial Church, we have heads being chosen by prophets of God. Every faction should have a head, it happened in Israel before under the son of King Solomon. God divided the tribe of Israel into 12- 13 tribes. The church is too big to have just one Head

Look at the situation in the church, when we had one head during Reverend Bada’s regime where did all the money go? Now under Reverend Mobiyina Oshoffa, since early 2000, after Baba Bada and Ajose’s death, where has the money gone? Some shepherds are not fools. All the money they have been contributing, churches in UK, USA, EU countries, West African countries, South Africa, Canada and 100 of thousands of churches in Nigeria, where is all the money?

Shepherds over 85 years, what plans does the church have for them? NOTHING! And you are saying one Celestial, it’s not possible. So you think the ones in Ivory Coast, Benin Republic having their own pastors are fools! NO!!! they are not fools. That’s what they told King Solomon’s son, Jeroham, they left under his control and crowned themselves but it had been a prophesy that it would happen so God’s curse on Solomon could be manifested, that his Kingdom would be divided. So think?

What has Papa Oshoffa done? Under Baba Bada, the church split into 2 or 3, under Maforikan it split into two now under Mobiyina, we have over 10 pastors. In France, they have Rev Sobowale e.t.c. now let’s say I have a low rank and I’m spiritually sound and Sobowale said I should head a church or a country and when I’m 85 years I would receive good benefits, my fellow Celestial Church members, I would stay where there is plenty of Jollof rice except I’m being told by prophet to stay where God has placed me, that is a fact. Don’t worry the church will be one but not in our time!

I’m under Mobiyina’s faction and I pray for the Lord to direct him and to not use the sins of his family upon him. May the Lord give him good advisers, good prophets and wise women in the church full of Holy spirit to direct him. And also other pastors in other factions in Celestial should know that, before the church becomes one, so many rules in the church will not change, so that when the church becomes one it wouldn’t become a problem in Jesus name”

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7 responses to “The Church Is Just Too Big To Have One Head Pastor- Alagba”

  1. ASPdaPrince AJIBADE says:

    A particular song as divinely descended into dz great Church of Christ says:
    This song depicts the ways and manners true worshippers of GOD ALMIGHTY should worship in the fold. This actually necessitates the fact that we should be guided by the Holy Spirit and that any act of criticism should be totally eradicated in the fold so we can move forward in the path of LIGHT (JESUS CHRIST) and God’s Spirit. Halleluyah!!!!

  2. Concern member. says:

    Your opinion energized, and probably will echo the idea of initiating a lasting solution to Celestial management. The issue started when the church was registered in Nigeria as Nigeria dioseases. Honestly, Pa. Oshoffa never had in mind in settling in Lagos, until his ordeal with Kerekou started, and he had to run for his life by finding abode in Nigeria which change the whole issue. Pa.Oshoffa formerly reinstated that who ever be the Pastor should have his office in Republic of Dahomey. This changes after development of Ketu and Imeko respectively. Now, our fathers has left with us a golden legacy which we as a members should reform.
    A referendum should be called in having a representation from all over the world. The present Pastor should patent the name of the church with rules to disallow anyone using the name. Worldwide conference with workshops will bring a new management to the church by revisiting our bylaws.. I know we will get there, it just matter of time, God bless you all.

  3. Oloruntoyin says:

    Acts 20:29 – 30 “For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock. Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them”
    Papa Oshoffa re-echoed this in one of his Ministration.

  4. iya ijo says:

    if the whole chritiandom isn’t too big for Christ, why should ijo mimo be too big to have 1 head?,I beg change your lane

  5. BEEJAY says:

    Can your own children have two fathers and both of u living under the same roof with ur wife?

  6. Evang.Ezekiel Adegor says:

    pride+greed=everlasting destruction. Carry on

  7. kenny Gabriel says:

    Se oro niyen?

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