The Church Should Quickly Distance, Suspend Itself From Men Who R.ape- Famakinwa

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This will interest you. Let me put this to our dear readers that, nothing is stopping us from getting to the root of the matter as soon as everything is gathered; #CNO will give account of every party, actions, inaction played in this whole saga. We have photo, extract of petition to the Police, voice and video recording as tenable evidence. Keep following the story as it unveils.

Barrister Olawole Famakinwa’s submission is wonderful; we are reproducing it for you all to digest:

R.ape victim stories can be very difficult to read, frightening and emotionally draining. However, accounts of r.ape show other victims that they are not alone in their struggles. Exposing the r.ape story of this clergy man in Abeokuta would detail the abuses and assaults that the victim, who shall remain nameless, has suffered and would survive and go on to succeed in giving evidence against the perpetrator of this heinous crime. CNO can use an assumed name to tell the victims story, but name the suspect. He can go to court to prove his case. CNO’s account should indicate that the victim cannot be named for legal reasons. All r.ape victims are entitled to anonymity during and beyond the conclusion of the criminal trial. It is an offence to name the victim. The Court during trial would give a corresponding order. The victim can waive her anonymity after the conclusion of the case.

Women who are r.aped by men they know, at home or in a social setting like a church environment, are less likely to report because they question or doubt their role and responsibility in the attack on them. NO WOMAN HAS ASKED TO BE R.APED. R.ape is an expression of power and domination. It should be condemned. It is an abuse of power and position when this happens in the church. How will the clergy feel if his daughter, wife, sister, niece or mother was r.aped by a man who was supposed to protect them?

There is no reason not to name the perpetrator of the rape on this helpless woman. Please name the clergy in full, stating that that he is alleged to have done the act. He can always employ his own PR team or make a statement to the DPO in rebuttal. CNO is not obliged to name the woman under any circumstances. CNO can assist the victim in lodging a complaint with the Social Service Department at the Local Government or the Ministry of Women’s Affairs who would ensure that a complaint is lodged at the Police Station and free legal representation arranged for the victim.

In the present scenario, the victim and her parents should be brave. The evil has been done already. They should ensure that they are not bribed, intimidated or persuaded to drop their allegation. Pursuing the case will give the victim strength and she would be surprised that as time goes on, the tide of public support will turn in her favour.

CNO should encourage and assist the victim to make a statement on oath at a Magistrates Court, detailing full names name of perpetrator, office held, date, place, time, mode Of dressing, bruises, injuries and witnesses after the event. This witness statement can be submitted to the Police, Social services and to Ketu. It is high time the clergy know that they are subject to state and God’s law. When a Shepherd is locked up in prison pending trial, all men of similar ilk would dare not commit such an act. Those who have committed the act in the past would be afraid that their victims would report them.

I do not agree that there is a stigma on the survivor of a rape or sexual assault. It is actually a great stigma on the man, man of God who commits this crime and feels like he got away with it. The Church should quickly distance and suspend itself from such men. Sadly, the church cannot attempt to want to investigate a criminal offence. It is a Police matter. It can discipline its staff after Police and Court action. The church should no longer provide cover for serial abusers of women. From what I gather there is like to be r.ape, indecent assault, assault occasioning grievous bodily harm, battery’s likely charges available to the Police after investigating this matter.

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5 responses to “The Church Should Quickly Distance, Suspend Itself From Men Who R.ape- Famakinwa”

  1. Kemi says:

    Have you heard the new development on the issue of rape?

  2. Omo cele ni mi says:

    Precise words. Oro olopolo

  3. Temitope Victoria says:

    This is great

  4. Olalekan says:

    Well said. Nothing more to add.

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