There Is No Comparison Between Celestial Church And Other Denominations

October 31, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 1 Comment »

Celestial Church of Christ is one church many that worship therein do not really understand the efficacy of the power of God in the church. Many just come to the church to worship and go without having any knowledge of why God has planted the church of heaven here to us on earth.  

All my life, I have touched so many parishes of the church within Nigeria and Republic of Benin, Togo and I can tell you for free that, the tenet of the church has remained unchanged from generation to generation despite the many divisions in the church.

For other denominational church, we have seen a lot of those that split and dare to be alone, they totally came out with their own concept of operation, it might have a bit touch of where the person is coming from, notwithstanding, the modus operandi will not be the same. For CCC, it’s a different ball game.

As at today, we have 14 Pastors with different garments, who all claim to be called by God as Pastors. If any Celestial Church member enters into Parishes of these pastors, the Order of Service is still the same. The so called pastors have only neglected and refused to uphold the legacy of the late Pastor Founder, SBJ Oshoffa. The late sage lived for and represented holiness and righteousness. This is why the church seems to be in crisis.

There is no church as strong as ours that will be in crisis for 32 years and still stand like mountain Gibraltar, I am yet to see the church. Despite the hullabaloo in courts and what have you, no one has changed his parish from CCC to CCCC or CCCMC, anywhere in the world, it’s still CCC and Halleluiah still remains the mode of greeting!

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One response to “There Is No Comparison Between Celestial Church And Other Denominations”

  1. Superior Elder sister Adebisi says:

    Halleluyah cellestial is one in one million churches.

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