To Tithe Or Not To Tithe…What’s Your Submission?

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The nation of Israel when settled in the promised land was divided into 12 tribes ( the tribe of Judah, Benjamin, Issachar, Manasseh e.t.c) which you can call states if you want.

God instructed his prophets to assign landed properties to each tribe. With such properties they can earn a living.

However property allocation as directed by God should only be given to 11 tribes not the 12. which was the Levi. – Numbers 18:20

Which raises a big question.

How will they cope?

How will they feed?

What will they pass to their generation unborn?

These are pertinent questions.

But not for long, there was an excellent answer from God himself ! The tribe of Levi was set aside for priestly duties. they are to coordinate and conduct everything regarding worship. such as sacrificing, festivals and so on. The high priest came from that tribe as well. The job of the High priest was crucial. it includes appearing before God’s presence for atonement once a year. The tribe of Levi didn’t produce the king.

So then, how will they survive? Here comes God’s provision. (Numbers 18: 20 – 26).

So the tribe of Levi was to collect tenth part of the products of each family of each tribe. Tenth part can also be called tithe. So if I harvest my crops or animals, I must divide it into 10 and bring 1/10th to the temple.  This law was obeyed passionately by all 11 tribes for a long time until when the generations started growing. It got so bad that the Levitical priests abandoned their priestly duties and went into farming to survive. So God through prophet Malachi warned that they have started robbing God by not paying their tithes. It was like a Rob because the properties and products of the land was given to them by God in the first place. (Malachi 3:8-10)

Even when Jesus came to the earth he still admonished the Jews to observe the law of tithing, that shows how far they deviated from the law. However the laws observed by the nation of Israel was to prepare them for the coming of the Christ. Galatians 3: 24,25…..

To be continued

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culled from Biodun Caston-Dada’s page

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