True Celestial Church Members Are Deaf And Blind!

November 2, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 4 Comments »

If you want to worship in this holy gathering, Celestial Church of Christ without blemish, there are some things you must be careful about; they are actually categorized into two. These two things have even caused the kings of this world to fail and fall. But if you respect and obey them, it shall be well with you.

Lust of Eyes To Sin: Eve saw that the fruit was good for food, pleasant to the eyes, and something to be desired. We must put our eyes away from lust for women/men, love of money, bad acts of others, to do this; you must ‘pluck out’ the eyes that may want to lead us astray.  Mathew 5:29.

Hearing To Sin: We are sometimes enticed when some uncharitable words move us to sin, through hearing, there are some of us who have fallen short of the glory of God. We must, as much as possible, close our ears to rumours, murmurings, back-biting, etc that may want to stain our anointing in the church. If you open your eyes to all we mentioned above, you will be derailed from your journey.

Several on and off Celestial Church members are fond of talking bad of their shepherds, this often lead to some new converts to see nothing good about the church whereas, the church is holy, but most of us that worship in it are ‘holier’. May God make us to obey His instruction and feed our souls with His words. Amen!

Remember, to be a true Celestial Church member, See Nothing, Hear Nothing!

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4 responses to “True Celestial Church Members Are Deaf And Blind!”

  1. Ola says:

    All what i want and praying for is good change for this great church because i love this commision so much

  2. EVANG. Agboola Fiso Lawrence says:

    These are the area that needed to be tacked in our individual characters. Today church members never read their Bible again it’s their Shepherd or shepherd’s wife they read as their Bible. What a pity!

  3. Prophet S.A Adeboye. says:

    Unless the correction start from we shepherds, to stop criticize our elders, ( senior shepherds and Pastor) The members can’t be changed.

  4. Adebayo Sunday says:

    Nice write up

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