It’s A Very Unfortunate Confession About Pastoral Leadership From Rev. EMF- Evang. Akeredolu

October 3, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 12 Comments »

“HALLELUYAH, this is a very unfortunate response or confession as regard the pastoral Leadership from Baba Mobiyina Oshoffa after demised of late pastor Founder S.B.J. Oshoffa that he was forced to accept Leadership of the CCC by the Church hierarchy and not by the Holy Spirit of God? I wish not to comment further. I believe God of Oshoffa will surely take affairs of His great Church after this recent 70th Anniversary Celebration. God bless our Church. AMEN. SMS. Evang. Akeredolu Sunday Ibikunle.”

The above was said by SMS Evang. Akeredolu Sunday Ibikunle concerning Pastor EMF Oshoffa’s response to Punch reporters when they asked him about how he was called.

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12 responses to “It’s A Very Unfortunate Confession About Pastoral Leadership From Rev. EMF- Evang. Akeredolu”

  1. alagba says:

    my brothers and sisters in celestial . we have heads . being choosen by prophets of God. every faction should have a head, it happend in isreal b4 under the son of king solomon. God divided the tribe of isrel into 12- 13 trbes. the church is too big. look at the situation in the country, when we had one head during rev badas time where did all the money go? now under mobiyina, since early 2000 after bada and ajoses death where as alll the money gone. some shephards are not fools. all the money they have been contributing, churchs in uk,usa,eu countries.west african countries. south africa, canada and 100 of thousands of churches in nigeria where is all the money. sherpards over 85 yrs what plan as the church for them NOTHING. and you are saying one celestial. so you think the ones in ivory coast, benin republic having their own pastors are fools.NO they are not fools. thats what they told king solomons son jeroham,they left uner his control and crown themselves. but it as been aprophsey that it will happen. but this was the curse on to solomon that i will divide your kingdom. so think? what as papa osoffa done? under bada the church split into 2 or 3,undermaforikan it split into 2 now under mobiyina into 10. in france they have rev sobowale e.t.c. now let say i have a low rank and im spritually sound and sobowale said i should head a church or a country and when im 85 yrs i would recives good benefits, my fellow celestians i would stay where there is plenty of jollof rice excepet im being told by prpphsey to stay where i am. that is a fact. dont worry the church will be one but not in our time.
    im under mobiyinas faction and i pray for the lord to direct him and to not use the sins of his family upon him. may the lord give him good advisers, good prophets and wise women in the church full of holy spirit to direct him, and also other pastors in other celestial churches that b4 the church becomes one so many rules in the church will not changes so that when the church becomes one it wouldnt becme a problem, in jesus name

  2. John says:

    Pls o regardless of the faction u belong am begging to thread with cautions. Celestial is 1 n let’s show love. We shud be projecting oneness n look for a platform to bring the 2 major pastor together in d same crusade, revival, radio or television discussion etc to further reduce d hatred that most of d followers shows which is further making d unification more difficult . Pls don’t let us talk bad about any1 of them remember thou shall not judge. As for me I don’t follow myths or any unprogressive ideology in the church. Forward ever CCC

  3. GreatAkins says:

    Celestial Church of Christ, “The Last Ship of Salvation” …………a divine mission beyond our understating! Can anything good come from C.C.C? The answer will be a great surprise to all Celestians and non Celestians. ………………Just a while more. Shalom!

  4. iyiola fasuyi says:

    should he tell lies to cover up?

  5. Elder Isaiah CCC Chicago Illinois says:

    Are you guys true celestians?how can you says all this things?if the pastorial position does not belong to him, he would have been dead by now,Christ own this church, remember Luke 2vs34(That this child is set for the rise and fall of many)Let’s see what happens after the 70th anniversary, my personal prayer is that,the first power that descended when the church was founded should return ,then,we will know who is who,

  6. Prohetess Francisca Emmanuel says:

    S/Evang Adetayo, my daddy in the Lord, As the publisher here CNO claims that the info was ‘lifted’ from excerpts of interview with Punch, I should believe that the best way is to either report CNO to Punch or Ketu Diocese, for character assasination. However, I should believe that CNO dares not risk his reputation, to carry such a heavy news.

    Secondly, it is natural that a Godly person will at first refuse and reject the calling . Afterall, Pastor Founder himself initially refused to obey the calling. It is well documented that he was driving people away at first to the extent of calling the authorities on the people then. It was the blunt refusal of the authorities to drive the people away “He that sends you is powerful than us”, that eventually made him to “gentle” and accept the mission. He was of the opinion that his transfiguration and empowerment was just to pray and heal people and not found a church.

  7. Bunmi says:

    Abosi de oooooooooo

  8. Evang. Mordekai S. Adekanmbi says:

    this should not have been on social media.

  9. S/Evang. Adetayo. says:

    Addendum – *** have been better…
    ***where he purpitedly…

  10. S/Evang. Adetayo. says:

    Would it not have better to post the original interview where purpotedly said so on this platform for all to read firsthand ?


    The Trustees were looking for a push push Pastor and they got that in Mobiyina

  12. Bunmi says:

    I am not surprise. Very obvious

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