The Unsung CCC Prophet, Segun Misipode Impacting Lives Home And Abroad (Photos)

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There are various categories of people claiming to be prophets, while some learn the act solely for the purpose of keeping body and soul together, some are divinely gifted and called into prophet-hood.  While propagating the work of God in Celestial Church of Christ, this clergyman, who you are about to read of, falls into the category of the few who are divinely called to be prophets.

This humble prophet that God has been using tremendously to unchain those in the dragnet of witches and wizards, Prophet Dr. Misipode Oluwasegun Daniel Alomanoaboe (JP) was asked by unbelievers who throng his place of worship like the doubting Thomas, to tell them a miracle that God has wrought through his ministry at his Prayer City. Not someone who loves blowing his own trumpet, he, without any airs of arrogance, told them about healing of mentally deranged people, the barrens blessed with the fruits of the womb by God, business breakthrough among others awe-inspiring deliverance for many that have visited the place.

“At this city of prayer, Emi Leri Kan, Palace of Testimony, God has been wonderfully doing marvelous things  in our midst, we have people giving true testimonies and having their world transformed.  When God the creator of the Heavens and earth has called a man and the man has obediently followed the instructions of Him that has called him, no doubt, he will continuously support him in whatever he does. Remember, he gave his prophets in the Bible the power to do and undo, he gave Elisah power to lock and unlock, this is not the time of Elisha but we have prophets like Elisha in this great church though few, they are scattered everywhere.”

Without mincing word, Prophet Segun is just one of the few prophets God is using in this fold, his calling   has taken him on ministration to  places like Canada, America, UK, Brazil to fulfill his purpose in life, breaking the yokes and giving the people new lease of life.

“My last trip to America was wonderful. There are people that will testify to the power of God. Even when I left America and came back home, I have people who also have been visiting and it’s at this Palace of Testimony that they came to pray to God all the way from America. So, if God is not here, people wouldn’t have come to seek His face.

Ori Oke Emi Leri Kan Palace of Testimony is located at Ipokia, after Idiroko/Border area of Ogun State.

Weekly Activities are: Jericho Must Fall

Every Wednesday of the week from 9am to 12pm

Asale Emi Leri Kan Night of Testimony

Every last Friday of the month 9pm-5am

Prophet and prophetess Hour

Every Friday of the week 9am -6pm.

His direct number is 0803 403 3745 in Nigeria

Whatever that might be your problem, this is your time and turn to partake and share testimonies to the awesomeness of God as  He awaits you to bring them all to a final halt.

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  1. oluwaseun says:

    God is ur strength sir, keep it up and God will reward you abundantly

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