What Should Be The Ideal Length Of The Laces On Our Garment?

November 17, 2017 / Deborah Solaja / Virtuous Women / 1 Comment »

Obviously, not many of our women, most especially wives of our elders, will smile to this article, the reason being that, the fashionable ones amongst them are guilty of this offence and their husbands, Shepherds, seem to be looking the other away and not doing anything about the abnormalities surrounding laces on the spiritual regalia.

Sometimes you see laces as wide as 5 to 7 inches. Sometimes you see lace less than 3 inches wide. Even if is obvious that some people with larger laces on their cape are just using it to make known their importance and showcasing  their wealth, those without heavy laces too can equally doing same. All we are preaching here is decency, morality in all ramifications.

Research has shown that, majority of people who display heavy laces are not doing God’s work with it, they are more concerned about fashion and style in CCC and are not fashioned after God’s Word. You and I know that majority of Celestial Church members go to church on Sundays alone to listen to music, dance and display their laces and come back home.

Unarguably, #CNO is not saying that it’s the length of the lace that determines the salvation and redemption attached to the rank/robe; it is the amount of work done with it that will determine the reward that will be gotten from it. How well are you using your lace to get people into His Kingdom?

What Should Be The Ideal Length Of The Laces On Our Garment? Audience and visitors your opinions are needed!


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One response to “What Should Be The Ideal Length Of The Laces On Our Garment?”

  1. prince says:

    3 inches

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