What’s The Spiritual Significance Of Investiture After Anointment?

November 10, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 6 Comments »

Investiture is the ceremonial part of anointments where you call all your family, friends, relatives, neighbours to come and celebrate your new rank with you, it is just about creating awareness concerning your new anointment because they weren’t there at the point where the pastor anointed you.

Investiture, to some people in Celestial Church, is a borrowed doctrine; therefore it is not a compulsion. According to them, when God called Papa to become an evangelist after five years of just being a prophet, Papa did not call his family, friends, relatives, cousins etc to come and celebrate it.

In the new Celestial Church, the most of those who refuse to go for anointment for them to be elevated from their rank is simply because of the huge financial implication attached to investiture by some shepherds.  They will tell the new anointed that certain amount of money will be paid before getting their robes.

Another instance we need to look into is, when Mr X got his new anointment he killed two cows on the day of his investiture but Mr Y doesn’t have money for such a big party or so he decides to hold onto his current rank till when he’s financially stable to do that. Now you will agree with me that this issue of investiture is making a lot things happen to our members. Many have gone indebtedness over it, all in the name of display of superiority.

Now, to the elders who understand the doctrine perfectly, was investiture a compulsion in Celestial Church of Christ instituted through Papa SBJ Oshoffa of blessed memory?

Can one just get the anointment from the authourity and tell the shepherd to bless the robes then start to wear it as we have seen many do it? What’s the spiritual significance of investiture after anointment? Please tell us!


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6 responses to “What’s The Spiritual Significance Of Investiture After Anointment?”

  1. Celestial Born says:

    I personally will not support the theory that there is no such thing as IWUYE/INVESTITURE in CCC, simply because although it is NOT written in any of our church’s documentations ( such as constitution) can we deny the fact that the FOUNDER SBJ himself DID do investiture ceremony for several people during his lifetime. However I do agree that many have turned the spiritualness of the excersise to a means of financial increase.
    Iwuye/Investiture should simply be an open/public confirmation of ones appointment by the shepherd (Moses) of that parish to work in Jehovah’s fold (CCC Hymn 694).


    There’s nothing like investiture in CCC it is a way of making money for the church like my shepherd in CCC Makun Sagamu but in Makoko in the 80s nothing like that after anoitment sew and wear your rank

  3. Superior Evangelist (Barrister) Olawole Famakinwa JP. says:

    The selection for annointment and the celebration of the Investiture ceremony in CCC has continued to evolve and change over the years in the Celestial Church of Christ. The spiritual side of annointment and investiture is dwindling gradually when you considere the annointment of Kings Saul and David and their crowning subsequently.

    In the 1980’s Festac Town Parish nominated the annointment candidate and usually paid the annointment fee. It had a policy then of not recommending or annointment single, unmarried women. The new annointees celebrated their “iwuye” by a special thanksgiving and a gift to the Parish.
    After my first annointment I attended the next Lord’s Day service wearing my ‘amure’. The Senior Onibode’s calmly untiedi and told me that my group need to have an Iwuye ceremony and the loin needs to be in the alter before that day. That year my set all contributed to the purchase of white plastic chairs for the Parish. It was gratefully received by the Parish. We were very happy to be able to be a part of the physical development of the Parish.

    Nowadays in the era of annointment for double promotions, Shepherds now see the annointment exercise and the investiture as a source of cash for themselves. There is now a practice which is becoming a convention that all the cash collected from those wearing their new ranks at the Investiture Service is divided and given to all the clergy present and assisting at the days programme.

    Two years ago I went to support a relative who was celebrating her Investiture at a Parish in Abeokuta. The Shepherd insisted on collecting N20,000.00 per each celebrant. I had to subsidise my relative more than half of her share and then putting money into the tray of the other celebrants. Some of the other celebrants could not afford this sudden levy. The event was a jamboree of ostentatious sutana, jewelrry and heavy makeup. The event was not spirit filled. My host had hired canopies and waitresses to entertain her work colleagues and club members. Was this necessary?
    Annointment is usually a private spiritual affair while the investiture is expected to be a solemn and public declaration of a commitment to use the annointment to serve God.

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