You’re Not A Celestial Church Member If You’re Not In Ketu Or Ajase- Akinsola Damilare

October 4, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 8 Comments »

“You guys should stop infantile politicking here. You are bashing EMF because you are getting some pecuniary benefits from his opponents. No matter how hard you try to disprove his submissions. The truth is that under EMF a lot of hitherto disgruntled elements have come back to Ketu, and the only two substantive factions in CCC today are Ketu and Ajase, every other ones can’t even find their feet”

We at #CNO believe that Celestial Church of Christ is one. Though, we may not be under one umbrella as it’s expected of us as children of celestial glory, however, that we still wear same garment and still have the modus operandi of the church intact, has made us one.

But for this member of the church, he says if it’s not Panadol, it’s not the same thing as Panadol, meaning, it’s either you are with Ketu or you are with Ajase, every other faction is baseless and can’t find their feet. Now, how do we really bring about our oneness?

How do we re-orientate our people about how to show love to fellow Celestial Church members and accommodate each other? How do we do this? How? If you know, please tell me.

Could his opinion really be true?

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8 responses to “You’re Not A Celestial Church Member If You’re Not In Ketu Or Ajase- Akinsola Damilare”

  1. Yomi Newton Mrs says:

    When we don’t see others as Celestians apart from ketu and ajase, it’s the beginning of division. What do we expect other denominations to say of us. Those that make their pockets rich at the call for diffrentiation, would not permit one fold! Sooner than expected , one cup, one fold , one sheepherder would emerge with Jesus Christ ,the real owner of the throne.

  2. Prophet Espedy says:

    CCC, ijo Emi ijo Mimo dara pupo,Eyin ara 🙁 Adams ) ejowo e sa ere wa ka le jo sin ninu Ijo Mimo .What I known is Olorun pe SBJ Oshoffa, OSI fun ni agbara ,ki se pe awon Ijo to wa ki CCC to de won koni agbara sugbon section 2 of CCC constitution so idi ,and sect 77 wa tun fi idi mule nipa Orin 762 se awon Catholic won ko mo Mary ni? Ko tu wa tan sine ni section 58— 67 ekaaa nitorina ni akotan sect 3 of d constitution to ba je pe ti Christ Lati Orun wa ni , ti ki se ti Oshoffa Lati Orun wa Jesu a GBA koso Ijo re

  3. Prophet Espedy says:

    Halleluyah!!!,Enikeji mi ketu,Ajase : ibere mi:1 (nje won tele oro Emi Lati eni SBJ? )2 (Oro ti Jesu Christi so fun SBJ ; constitution sect: 65 nje won tele bi ? 3 (Awon oye ti ari loni nje SBJ fi lele fun wa?nitori ako fihan oludasile.4. (Awon to pe ara won ni pastor, nje Oluwa bawon soro bi? ) 5 ( nje oro Aamu episode a regret e bi ? Emi ati ire kosi nibe sugbon etc….ki okuku kole kuro ninu CCC, 6( Ooo3== Owo, Oye, Obirin ara eje ka ju le.

  4. Oriyomi Afolayanka says:

    We are watching the movies thnie so called Healders of the church are all playing for us, because I can’t address anybody has a pastor of the church until they all get it right. Don’t get me wrong I do not support anyone but I expect them to step than for each other just for peace to rain we can’t continue this way, The baby that was born when Papa oshofa died are married with kids now and we are still on that same spot. My point is simply all pastors should step down for now and let’s God choose for the church, nobody should impose on us that his the pastor let’s the real prophets and prophetess be in spirit for 7days with the names of the interested candidate in the alter, this is the simplest way we supposed to do things but we are being covered by centiment we don’t want to go the right way and this will keep us away from the truth, ijo emi ni Celestial ki se ti ara, let’s do it the right way let God choose for us. We are tired of this fake pastors drama. Many Celestial members are waiting for the one choosed by God

  5. Baba Itunu says:

    CNO is always picking comments from here to make his story. That is his style but the people in the business should know that journalism shouldn’t be like that. I enjoy reading him though but his overzealousness will make him to have too many enemies. May God put our church in right direction

  6. Badero says:

    @ Akinsola, I don’t see anything contrary in your initial submission and what the editor later put up as post. You obviously said that as comment under a story, same thing he put right atop the story. So, what facts are misrepresented here pls? Point them out we want to know.

  7. Omoniyi Olarenwaju says:

    Stop ranting Akinsola Damilare, what you posted initially was put back in the article. We all know CNO to be doing that but what it truly mean is that anyone who is not with ketu or AJase doesn’t have a say. Exact thing cno is saying. I think you should read the post very well before you make any further comment. Just my opinion o

  8. Akinsola damilare says:

    This is obviously a blatant misrepresentation of is sensational journalism gone awry.My statement was in response to those who were twisting the response of the pastor to a question by an interviewer as reported by CNO,and it didn’t in anyway represent what CNO is trying to paint.ofcourse I have in countless time challenged the professionalism of these CNO dudes because of their penchant for doing a thorough job shoddily investigation and the way they jump to conclusion on issues before making an attempt to investigate this particular case doesn’t make me disappointed because of their antecedents.but I however challenge them to post the statements made by other responders to the interview excerpts of the pastor that warranted my statements instead of them dwelling in half-truths to portray me as an ignorant celestial playing factional card

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