13 Years Of Marriage, No Child…Will You Still Love Her?

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seyi and IfetolamiThese days, to have an endearing marriage, it takes the power of Jehovah. Virtually, every marriage faces one challenge or another. To be in marriage, so many things are involved and it takes more than love to stay in marriage.

Number one factor to consider is God, when God has been the foundation of your home, no matter the obstacle, you will scale through but those who run to Egypt to solve their marriage issues will have themselves to blame because that prophet or prophetess may be the unseen hands behind your marital woes, so if you don’t quickly retrace your steps, you may lose your spouse into his or her hand.

There are some couples whose hope to hear the cry of a baby in their home is always dashed. They might have tried all they could but all to no avail. Then, pressure starts coming from left, right and centre, parents, friends and church members. In most cases, the women are the cause of childlessness in marriages but it actually doesn’t go like that sometimes. Men too do have issue.

So, what do you need after God in your marriage to uphold it, TRUST! If you trust someone, you will obviously LOVE him. Even Bible didn’t tell us to trust our neigbour, it says we should love him or her, Love does not harm to a neigbour, therefore love is the fulfillment of the law (Romans 13:10), so what we are saying invariably is that, TRUST is the major keyword in having a fun-filled marriage after God.

But someone you have now claimed to trust, love and cherish, will that love diminish when after 13 years and there is no fruit of the womb? Put in mind that your parent, most especially, your mum is already asking for a grandchild. Would you because of this go outside and have a baby out of matrimony or you will remain steadfast in prayer and disobey the instruction of your mum for a secret wife who will bear you that child?

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