30 Days After Survival Party: Funke Gold Slumps, Dies At Marshal’s Trinity Tabernacle

April 15, 2017 / Alonge Michael / C-Vibes / 36 Comments »

Members of the church having fun at the anniversary

Sup Evang. owatunde Marshal, Shepherd Trinity Tabernacle

Fast rising Celestial singer and fresh graduate of Mass Communication of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Fagbule Funke popularly called Funke Gold who was a victim of a deadly accident involving Dangote Cement truck that almost claimed her legs has finally succumbed to death.

The late Singer

According to the information made available to #CNO, the beautiful lady slumped on stage 30 days after putting up a superlative thanksgiving service at Light & Glory Event Centre, 105 Lagos Epe Express Road, Epe Lagos State where she had the likes of St Janet, Esther Igbekele, Alayo Melody Singer, Segunnabi, Sanusi Rotimi The Ultimate Vibration Star, Mc BeBe Musiliu, SB (Segun Bankole) Olurotim Kareem (Glorious Voice) Otumba Femolascater, Alashe Samjerry, Sam Froggie,Olakunle Da.Sliver to rejoice with her for cheating death.

To confirm this, a call was made to Funke’s number, and the person, a relative, confirmed to us that the pretty sonorous singer slumped on stage at Trinity Tabernacle’s Parish led by Sup. Evang. Owatunde Marshal yesterday during their 11th year Anniversary, rushed to the hospital but gave up the ghost hours later. a message to the Facebook messenger of the church is yet to be attended too. We shall keep you posted as soon as possible.

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36 responses to “30 Days After Survival Party: Funke Gold Slumps, Dies At Marshal’s Trinity Tabernacle”

  1. bishop says:

    Its well celestians , I want to believe God giveth and taketh when it pleases him moreover, brother job says ( man born of a woman his of few days and full of troubles. Prophet Samuel owatunde marshal is real . A true man of God, a teacher of undiluted word of God . I have been privledge to leave under the roof and work under is ministry as a office manager, worker inconjunction with Evang Gandonu odunayo now a shepherd I want to tell the world he does not practice fetish activities, and he never handover one to us. I recall those days within though issues arises but he taught us several things one of which is perservance he use to say ( girigiri wape kule kuse kese ) with examples . finally , I will advise the shepherd and the workers in the vine yard to put in more prayers this time their prayer tempo is low so as to win the ministry of the devil….

  2. Anonymous says:

    R. I. P to her… But please let not judge any shepherd coz it only God that can judge coz even the d Bible says do my anointed no harm… She wasn’t d only one that sang on stage that day now, y was she d one used and not other artiste? When God says it time, there’s nothing anyone can do about it… Probably that her own rightful time…so let not judge anyone and wait until when Wat each and everyone of us do, will be revealed for all to see…

  3. omo cele says:

    where are them??? ipee ..call Ayo shonaike…on face book feranmi josua! why dnt u continue commenting the foolishness word? I’m waiting for u here….oti salooo…bastard

  4. Taj says:

    Mr omo baba and Mr Ipee I wish I could see you both cos you talk as If it’s you and marshal you doing sacrifices together I don’t know why you fucking blacks blackmail others cos they are greater than you i pray God will shut you up finally soon.

  5. Bonaji Akintade.. Prophet says:

    All our doings & comments is in d light of God..olorun wa.

  6. Aproko Editor..!!! says:

    Now i know a little of the truth…heard Mr Ipee (Ayo Sonaike) and DSS Director F.A Sonaike with Mr Yinka Ehindero and His Wife Adejoke Ehindero also threatened this man of God that his church will be closed within 3 years as they would do every possible things to make it happen…this they have done in various means but to no avail and now who knows maybe this evil incident even came from them. I wish the shepherd will take legal actions over the false allegation and deformation of character from that stupid Ayo Sonaike who doesn’t have a sense of reasoning. Envious of his younger brother who has a beautiful family while he is still living in his fathers house at 35. What a useless idiot he is.
    To crown it all….God will fight for the Shepherd., the Church and at the same time Men will fight for the innocent Shephered.
    I remember a message from the man of God “The same people” now it’s seen everywhere because even this senseless DSS director F.A Sonaike did his retirement party in that same church and did his first daughter wedding in that same church and was above 40 years of age then so if they can now come to say all this trash here then it shows the man is a fool because a fool at 40 is a fool forever.!!!

  7. Aladeseye Hannah says:

    Wait oooo……do you mean this Mr Ipee is Ayo Sonaike the son of former DSS director who is the inlaw of Ehindero Olayinka….now I know where this whole accusation is coming from. They have a very useless family except one..I think the youngest among them. It’s a shameful thing to read such from him even the 1 and only bible school he ever attended was paid for by this same man of God. If you started preaching at 9 then you never learnt that no man has power over another man’s life. Fool is what you are.

  8. omo cele says:

    @ ipee…the stupid ayo shonaike …who were womanizing in the mix of youth around the church …when they decided to sent him out from the church ….u call ur self ipee ? who called u? I believe my God can never call a empty barren …the same man of God u talking about gave u the 1st anointing (Ami ororo)…u praised him yesterday …condem him today…u must b foolish …imfact …wari ibinu olorun

  9. Bisola says:

    From the look of things @ipee is just a dumbass and a very confused human being….i took just one look at his facebook page and I realised he’s confused because one day he’s praising this same shepherd and the other day he’s castigating him, a few days ago he wished the church of God a sincere happy Anniversary according to him and yesterday he wrote another thing entirely concerning the said shepherd which he has taken down again….That is an obvious sign of cowardice and stupidity in high places….

  10. Aproko Editor..!!! says:

    i wrote a proposal to the state government to increase Psychologist in every sector most especially churches….one thing I know Celestial for is that they cure some crazy people therefore I’ll assume for someone to come out here to castigate a man who has prayed for you once and you said amen this much only shows that the person is mentally detailed. Mr Ipee isn’t even concerned about Funke but just seizing her death issue to make his voice heard over a family issue he had with the shepherd….I will dig down on the issue and bring it to light on here soon but just pray your family is right on this one.
    We know how to deal with issues like this..!!

  11. ipee.. (the call) says:

    Mr segun, thanks for everything am not surprised at your comment after all beds of same feathers flocks together. You will see him as a saint.. Let marshal come out and deny what I said my word against his… At least there is a written agreement at the DSS Lagos head office. And it will be my word against his. I promise to show up, you can come and all celestial hyrachy then I will stand with prooves and let’s see who laugh last at the end… For Omo baba my father is a man on little word much of actions ask your godfather marshal. I remember him crying like a baby… Lollzzz

  12. pastor Segun. says:

    @ipee!!! I don’t even knw wat is rong wit u pple of nowadays u say tins u aren’t sure of especially to a man of God….u better don’t allow God to fire u…the Marshal mee I knw is not evil neither a wolf among d Shepherd…if u ave a family problem with him go n resolve it and stop tarnishing his image…
    I met dis ur brother u r talking abt is never being charmed or bond under any spell…
    my dear it is you am going to advice to give your life to jesus christ.tomorrow may b to late
    TRINITY TABERNACLE pray 4 ur Shepherd to over come visible and invisible enemies!!!

  13. hannah says:

    Seems like a dream to me wen I heard dat u are gone. She’s friendly and jovial she’s a free person funke gold don’t criticise she’s a God fearing person. My tears can never bring u back to life but it sadden my heart every minute I check ur pics on my phone. Still hard for me to believe cos I still can’t believe dat u are dear. I love u and I will forever love u R I P

  14. ipee.. (the call) says:

    Well for record purpose am sure no one can talk more about marshal of trinity than myself. Checking at the church record for the past five years then u won’t blame Omo baba for his comment as I speak to you my younger brother is still under their family spell. And its never a new thing that every year someone must die just surprise this years is an upcoming artist in this holy fold. Am a proud celestian but be sure not all shepherds are like the so called man of God… He is just a wolf in shepherd skin.

  15. Lyray says:

    E tera mo esin yii! E tera mo esin yii! Esin yii ni yio gba wa la! E tera mo esin yi! Be careful with what you say! You don’t need to take God’s position! She’s has lived a remarkable lifestyle and a mark on earth! WHAT IS YOURS? What would you be remembered for? Watch it!

  16. Nollywood movie says:

    Oga o. R.i.p so sad

  17. Taiwo says:

    U guys shud nt argue on did issue she has to gv tnks to God nd probably it ha bus stop d Sheppard does nt knw a dime abt it nd celestial re nt like wat u tink it can happen to anybody so dnt blame any 1 let all pray DAT akoba ada oba komosha wa amen

  18. Steve says:

    Omo baba it’s not in ur hands to judge anyone or any church, leave dat to God..except u are sent from the pit of hell to lead people astray… Rest in peace funke gold… U died doing the work of God, ur reward awaits you in heaven.

  19. PRINCE ADE says:

    Many people can say what ever they​ like but one thing I believe is when you get to your destination you will surely come down by all means for the guy called OMO BABA or what was he called and the other idiot God will surely judge you both

  20. moromoke says:

    rest in perfect peace funke gold we love you but God love you more then us

  21. Yomi Newton Mrs says:

    Rest in peace. She needed not to do strenuous activity as she could have thrown embolism. All same,it’s her bus stop ,she had to alight . May God comfort all she left behind and may such be far from us.

  22. Icloud says:

    My shepherd can never use her 4 any sacrifice .dats

  23. tommybill says:

    does of you who says rubbish about d man of God and is church may GOD cut of ur tonge#you dont if it how funke gold wrote her destiny wit GOD#funke gold may ur soul rest in perfect peace till we meet again

  24. yemite says:

    does who says rubbish about d man of God nd is church may d lord cut of ur tonge#u dnnt knw if dat hw funke Gold wrote her destiny#may ur soul rest in perfect peace prety

  25. Michael says:

    Oh my God, so so sad ?.

  26. Michael says:

    Oh my God, so so sad ?

  27. Johnson Oluwagbenga Adeniyi says:

    May her soul rest in peace. Amen.
    Have you as why God said we should not play any serious music on instruments in this church during this Passion Week? I still dey pity those who think we can continue to improvise in this Celestial Church of Christ.
    Warning to all others…

  28. Omo Baba says:

    Mr somebody, me shut up? Hmmm, let’s see who will. Your shepherds are full of evil, human sacrifice in the high places. What do you want me to believe. Why would she die on stage and at Owatunde church. Hmmmm, mo palu fun yin naa

  29. somebody says:

    OMO baba why don’t you just shut up if you don’t have anything good to say

  30. Omo Baba says:

    They have used her for sacrifice. I said it that those people get something else they pay homage to. Esan ti de tan

    • Taj says:

      Sorry mr omo baba were you there when he was paying homage to other God cos ure here doing like you went there together

  31. Olufunmi says:

    This is a real tragedy, rest in peace pretty. Gone too soon

  32. David says:

    Slump inside church keh while singing on stage? Hmmmm God knows best.May Her Soul Rest in Peace. Funke we didn’t mean to part untimely like this love. OMG!

  33. Oliwatoworship Imoudu Psalm I says:

    Rest in peace and grant all the fortitude to bear the loss

  34. Tawakalitu OluwatoPraise OBATULA says:

    Chaiii!!! Rest in Peace Beautiful ???

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