5 Genuine Reasons Most Marriages End In Divorce

August 4, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / Youth Arena / Add Comment »

Marriage is a personal choice. Some may choose to get married after years of commitment to a loving partner. Others may decide to get married when they are on good terms when the relationship is new.

Marriage is a legal agreement that carries certain rights and responsibilities. When the parties, couple chooses to divorce, they must break the legal bonds that join them together. 

There are many reasons that marriages end, and often the grounds for divorces are found in those reasons. Life can be unpredictable and no one can see the future. To take someone for ‘better or worse’ can look and feel different in one situation than it may in another, but these are five common reasons for divorce for many couples:

Finances: Money is not everything, but it can be a major source of contention in marriages. Disagreements about spending, saving and management can all cause unbridgeable rifts in marriages. When money becomes an issue, marriages often suffer.

Lack of commitment: When two people get married, they may expect to establish an equal partnership between them for the success of their union. A lack of commitment can destroy a marriage.

Absence of romantic intimacy/love: Intimacy in marriage is important in the smooth running of a relationship. When the s.e x and intimacy go out of a marriage, your mind can’t help but go to the darkest place and worry that your partner no longer finds you attractive or is having an extra-marital affair.

Communication problems between partners: When there is no communication in relationships, couples have no room to compromise.

Infidelity / extramarital affairs: Cheating on your spouse not only breaks a vow—it breaks the trust in a relationship. Cheating can be the result of a dying or failing relationship or it can simply result from a person’s insecurities

Many couples are not looking into these outlines, not all marriages crash due to spiritual problems.


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