5 Kinds Of Shepherds We Have In CCC

June 6, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / ARTICLE / 1 Comment »

Shepherds in Celestial Church of Christ are the mouthpiece and the priests in the house of God. As we all know, being a shepherd in Celestial Church requires you to go through certain training through the Celestial Church Seminary for proper tutoring.

Now in Celestial Church, we have different kinds or types of shepherds that many people don’t know.

Here are a few types of shepherds we have in CCC.

1. The Angry Shepherd: This is the kind of shepherd with a high temper, when his members do something wrong they lose their temper and release their rage either curse or using abusive words on them irrespective of what they have contributed to the Church.

2. The Demanding Shepherd: This kind of shepherd, in all ways, always demands so much from members till most of them leave the church just because of too many demands from the shepherd.

3. The Womanising Shepherd: This shepherd tries to test all attractive members either new or old with prophecy or Spiritual works even when he is married and promised to be truthful to his wife.

4. The Caring And Hardworking Shepherd: Nowadays, in Celestial Church, shepherds with this quality are not easily come by. Someone hardworking and very amiable. A spirit-filled shepherd. You rarely see shepherds that care for their sheep or members so much that you love to be around them. Someone you turn to as your confidante and trustworthy buddy. This kind of shepherd is hard to find not that we don’t have them.

5. The Lazy Shepherd: The kind of shepherd that wants the church to be the best amongst all parishes but can’t contribute towards the growth but with the strength of others. Lazy shepherds don’t plan vigils and prayer sessions because they’re not ready for it but they can eat the fruit of the labour when it is done but will always be looking for someone to use as a labourer in achieving their aim. These kinds of Shepherds are always changing workers.

There are several Shepherds with different kinds of characters. They are very many in Celestial Church of Christ which you need to know, but by their fruits, the Bible says, you shall know them.

Be careful before you choose a parish. Get to know where your Shepherd belongs before worshipping there. Before warned, before harmed.


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One response to “5 Kinds Of Shepherds We Have In CCC”

  1. Michael Andrew says:

    Hhhhhmmmm! Fact, they are everywhere, this is exactly what makes me not to worship in celestial church for now, still praying to Jehovah to show me a better parish, cos what jehovah has ordered me to do as his servant has not been done, haaa celestial, oko ikehin.

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