“7 Apostles”: Shepherds’ Caucus Gather To Celebrate Harvest With Lager Beer

November 22, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Saints & Sinners / 1 Comment »

“Seeing, they say, is believing,” so if I was told about this scenario that happened in this parish of Celestial Church recently, I might not believe, but witnessing the scene myself proves that we still have a long way to go in Celestial Church of Christ.

This is another scenario that played out in a CCC parish around Sunnyvale Axis, Abuja where some shepherds, who call themselves the Seven Apostles, were endorsed by the parish shepherd. According to the Bible, we will recognize them by their fruit. The so-called Seven Apostles were dressed in purple robes, as occultic people do.

These so-called Seven Apostles were given a table and chair to sit at to be entertained, and lo and behold, the Seven Apostles were served Heineken beer and were drinking it in full view of members and visitors. They were drinking and having fun at the same time.

What this Seven Apostle leader, who happens to be a shepherd in the fold, displayed was higher than that of the ladies who drank Hennessy in Soutana.

While they were drinking, some of the shepherds who were also present took a stand, protesting the act of drinking on church grounds and condemning the Seven Apostles. Before you say, Jack Robinson, it resulted in a fight, and shepherds were opening fire at the presence of their members, whom they were leading to Christ. Some shepherds began to break the Heineken bottles, and this resulted in serious commotion, and the harvest was scattered by the shepherds and the Seven Apostles.

This is a disappointing situation for both parishioners and visitors. It would be better if the CCC task force could partner with #CNO Nation to give them the details of all these ungodly parishes if they want to wake up to their responsibilities but because the said Task Force itself is an extension of falsehood, so, nothing good can ever come out of it. Wait for more damaging events of this nature to crop up.


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One response to ““7 Apostles”: Shepherds’ Caucus Gather To Celebrate Harvest With Lager Beer”

  1. S/v/m/s/evang SA Ogunnubi. says:

    Is not funny at all, 2nd Thimothew chapter 3 vs 1 to 3 said it all. Gbogbo eyin oluje agutan calling themselves shepherd, God shall visit all of you and do the needful in Jesus name (Amen).

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