7 Behaviours Not Expected Of CCC Members

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It cannot be over emphasised that it is imperative, to note to us certain rules to be made known to our members (both old and new) on certain behaviours expected,  within the four walls of of a Celestial church in order to avoid unexpected negative consequences, torment and release of curses mostly unknown to perpetuators.

This article highlights 7 common behaviours that we often overlook, and it has brought several plague on ignorant or stubborn members who are so naive, and sometimes adamant when been corrected because of their status, ranks and positions in the society.

1. Sexual immorality with church garment and within the church premises is another great sin before man and God that brings terrible afflictions or curses. Celestial church represents purity and holiness because our body is the Lord’s temple (1Cor 6: 15-20).

2. Stealing people’s properties in church (phones, garment, bags, shoes kept at the entrance), stealing during harvest Thanksgiving (especially committee members) and stealing of money left in offerings/ Tithe box is another curse on its own for those who often do these things. If no one sees you, Remember that there is nothing that is hidden from the Lord. If you are guilty of these atrocities before, please make restitution before it’s too late.( Exod 20: 15)

3. Gossips, Backbiting, False witness and rumour Carrier attract a lots of tribulations into one’s life, because God Almighty hates such behaviour totally and it is mostly common among female members. A church is a place to worship, pray, hear the word of God and go back home. Only focused and self determined members enjoy the Blessings embedded in Celestial Church of Christ and not detractors or spectators (2Cor 12:20, Mat 15:16-19).

4. Engaging in fights that could lead to tear off of your garment is another big curse, Celestial members must not engage in physical combat, no matter the situation, let alone allowing your garment to be torn apart. (Lev 10:6, Lev 21:10).

5. Fake/ arranged spiritual messages and approval of certain Spiritual works, that is not divinely guided will lead to a big Curse (death and destruction) for those that are involved and sometimes ignorant victims are not spared.

Therefore, Prophets and shepherds should be watchful because they would not be spared in such ungodly activities when the Lord’s wrath descends. ( Matt 7: 15-23).

6. Rudeness to the shepherd can also bring curse on members, So many youths have become pitiable because of their unruly behaviours to shepherds, there is no justification for any youth or church members in Celestial church to rubbish a shepherd or disrespect them, by raising their hands to beat such anointed person or talk recklessly to them. When a shepherd is wrong, there are processes to follow as a Christian and not to allow emotions to override the process. Romans 13:1 Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers, For there is no power but of God the powers that be are ordained of God.

7. Use of charms/ black magic/Voodoo underneath the garment while in church, attracts a big affliction and disaster on anyone found guilty in that regards, including subjecting your body to various incisions. Our garment represent purity in and outside the church premises, therefore, we must be careful and guide our salvation with all fears and trembling before our creator.


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