7 Methods Used By Glory Hunters And How To Escape Them

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Glory Hunters are principalities and powers that wrestle with an individual both physically and Spiritually, that do not allow one to fulfill their purpose here on earth. (Eph. 6:12)

These Glory Hunters are wicked people in high places that are battle ready to see that man does not realize and use there God given glory. Glory Hunters could be any or collection of the following: witches, wizard, gossippers, curses, foundational problems, generational curses, etc. However, glory hunters could be anybody either close to you or not.

Genesis chapter 37,made it clear that Joseph’s Brothers hated him more because of his glory and dream (verse 5). In verse 8, the brothers said to him “shalt thou indeed reign over us? Or shall thou indeed have dominion over us? And they hated him yet the more for his dreams and for his words”.

King Saul equally hunt for David in order to destroy him from becoming the king over Isreal. Glory Hunters are powerful forces that kill, maimGlroy hunter there targets, their major function is to destroy and annihilate the glory of children of God. Kindly note that they are everywhere.

7 Methods Used By Glory Hunters :

  1. Spiritual Mimicry:-They trick you to believing that they are your friend but their intentions are bad and evil towards you.(1 Samuel 18:6-16)
  2. Spiritual Baiting:-they lure you into their trap by using material things such as food, women, wine, gold, money etc(1 Samuel 18:17-21)
  3. Spiritual Concealing:-They waited for you to make mistakes or commit sin and then they bring you down
  4. Spiritual Arrow/Spiritual Attack
  5. Spiritual Fear is another weapon used by glory hunters they try to strick fear into you so that you become weak and feeble
  6. Spiritual Monitoring/Tracking ;they control and monitor the life of glory child through fetish means amongst others
  7. Spiritual Trapping/Driving;by this they use every means possible to systematically pursue glory child to fall over a cliff life and lost their glory for ever.

How To Escape Glory Hunters:

  1. You must accept Jesus as your Lord and personal saviour
  2. You must forsake Sin totally
  3. You must put on the whole armor of God and you must know how to pray against evil forces with fasting inclusive
  4. You must be filled with Holy Spirit


Kindly drop your comments and prayer requests.

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  1. Jibby says:

    May God help us and let us fullfil our mission on this earth

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