7 Real Prophecies For Rev. EMF Oshoffa To Honour

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This is the real prophecy for our dearest ‘Pastor’ EMF Oshoffa

1. Go on genuine reconcillation” one on one ” with Baba Banjo. Apologise to him for the open disgrace and for demeaning his personality as the Doyen of CCC world wide.

2. Go on genuine restitution for 7 Wednesdays seeking God’s mercy for taking the church through this hard route sake of personal ambition.

3. Reverse all decisions made that disolved the BoT and brought in Kangaroo BoT and MPIC

4. Go for genuine reconciliation of all factions of the church worldwide. Create a system that will enable them function independently while reporting to the center. While all heads of these factions will have to come together to form a legal binding council to jointly run affairs of the church alongside the BoT.

5. Constitution of the church should be reviewed and ratified within specific time frame with committee of these council to review and BoT ratify it.

6. All recently annointees be asked to revert to old ranks. It sounds like a herculean task but that is the real spiritual message given to the pastor that he has misinterpreted it to suit his purpose and personal agenda of his team.

Let us not be too surprised, the message must have come from our amiable Egungun Prophet Shoyemi.

7. Finally, ‘Pastor’ EMF with all our fathers, mothers, clergies and all other concerned Celestians will go on genuine restitution service on wednesday to seek God’s mercy for CCC worldwide.
Anything short of this, sorry we are only chasing shadow.”

-Chris Ogbaisi


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5 responses to “7 Real Prophecies For Rev. EMF Oshoffa To Honour”

  1. gralion torile says:

    I like this web blog very much so much excellent information.

  2. Alagba kunle says:

    Baba Oshin did not join the church in 1954 but 1964. Please let us check our facts before presenting it to the world. Thank you. Alleluia

  3. LEVI M. YANSUNNU says:

    Very dear Elder ALONGE, why can’t you for the sake of God use this blessed platform to ask everyone to return to all what the Founder had said during His lifetime concerning CCC and to all (different prophecies from 1947 to those of august 24 th, 25th 1985 about the Founder’s succession) I’ve been telling you about CCC to convince every Cele to humble themselves and search for God’s Mercy for CCC?
    It’s your spiritual duty to do it (the main reason of your platform) don’t ignore it and God will surely bless you in return. Once again, Elder BANJO is aged but can’t be the doyen of CCC while we all know when he came in compared to Baba OSHIN who joined CCC in 1954; inspite of that, we were already there in CCC even before all of them and we are seriously involved in CCC every matters since our birth up to date. We have a name in CCC and by the grace of God, we are still living and we can be of any help just to insure every cele not to discourage for one day for sure we all would be out of this sad tunnel.
    God bless HIS HOLY CCC and this blessed platform.

  4. LEVI M. YANSUNNU says:

    He who has hears should understand!
    This Evangelist Charles ADEJUWON I never met before and anywhere has said it all, the way I’ve been writting it since on this blessed platform people would like to change into court instead of begging the pardon of God for CCC. restoration
    Glory be to God on high !

  5. Sup Evang Charles Adejuwon says:

    Halleluyah to us all. Iam greatly disappointed at the rate at which some of us are breaking the fragile walls of the church but thinking they are ‘saying the truth’, going by the term “registered BoT”, it is well.
    Does CCC Worldwide have any registered BoT at all?
    @ The first registered BoT, presumably those that signed with Pastor Founder SBJO. The only living member of this is Baba SO Banjo. What authority does he actually have the right to steer the church? Why did he wait until he is the last man standing before acting? Why did he betray the trust of office in his care by going against the constitution to appoint or select a Pastor contrary to laid down ordinance? Could this be the reason why he was eventually given the ‘Doyen of CCC’? When eventually, he realised that the ‘mistake’ had been done, why did he refuse to consult with the other living member, then ‘Baba Owodunni’ to fashion a way out? I think some people will be saying that Baba Owodunni’ was no more under Ketu faction, you may be right but he was until his death, a member of that first registered BoT.. His error of judgement leads to the installation of EMF as the Pastor. And once a Pastor, he is the only person that has the right to alter the constitution. On this note, Baba Banjo lied on oath to protect the integrity of the church but erred. Once erred, there is every reason to continue erring, hereby leaving room for vote of no confidence. And this led to the second set of registered BoT.
    @ Shortly after the death of Rev BADA, there was an alteration/ amendment to the Bluebook, intending to take care of Section 111, but unfortunately the process of amendment was forgery because the signed document dated October 2000 had the signature of Rev BADA. How on earth can someone dead and buried a month ago sign a document presented for amendment of a constitution for the living? On this ‘amended’ constitution, the second set of ‘registered BoT’ were appointed and functional until the ‘Pastor’ felt the need to change the cabinet and those affected are now disgruntled, challenging the authority of the ‘Pastor’, because of the Ilaro ruling of 2015. If the Ilaro Ruling is to stand, then all his activities to date are null and void including anointment and spiritual elevation, even the title Doyen of CCC Worldwide.The new cabinet now forms the third category of ‘registered BoT’. In brevity, my submission is that there is no registered BoT in CCC Worldwide and we do not tread carefully, many heads will roll including those that collected money to CCC Printing Press in Ikorodu and there is nothing to show for it till today. In my candi opinion, all of them that had ever been in the corridors of power of CCC Worldwide are guilty of one fault or the other and the more we are looking for sacrificial sheep, we are debauching the integrity of the church further and posterity shall judge us all. Thanks

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