70th Anniversary: 30 Out Of The 70 Members Shun Pastor Mobiyina’s Invite…See Reason

February 17, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Give & Take / 13 Comments »

70a 70aa 70b 70c 70cc 70dWe once brought to your notice a couple of days back about the 70-man team inaugurated by Pastor Mobiyina Oshoffa for the 70th anniversary slated for September. If you can recall we brought it to your notice that Baba Banjo announced at the last Xmas Convocation at Imeko that all factions would participate in the Platinum Jubilee event but it’s shocking to know that almost 30 people from other factions shunned the courteous invite sent to them. The reason, according to a source within the constituted committee is that, they don’t want to identify themselves with the ‘politics’ of Ketu.

For crying out loud, what has politics got to do with coming together under one umbrella for a noble cause?

Meanwhile, some of the people within the inaugurated 30 something members are already groaning, the reason is because they are afraid that the work of 70 people may now rest on them. This, as we learnt, may take a shine off the beautiful 70th anniversary and of course, the proposed completion of the Imeko Cathedral.

A private chat with one of the people whose name was announced during the Makoko meeting said he didn’t honour that invitation because the team are majorly drawn from Ketu faction and he wouldn’t want to summit to Pastor Mobiyina for any reason.

My question now is, how long are we going to continue with this trend? It’s obvious, na like this e go dey go oooo!

meanwhile, these are a few names of the committee officially inaugurated at Imeko yesterday by Pastor Mobiyina Oshoffa for Imeko Cathedral where Sup. Evang. Oluranti Ogunremi is the Chairman and Baba Ladi Adebutu Kesington is the Deputy

Advisory Committee

Baba Nunayon

VMSE Ifelaja

VMSE Opaleye

VMSE shodunke

VMSE Afolahan

AVSE Jerry

AVSE Toriola

Prophet Shoyemi

Prophet Olulana

MC Oyin Ajibike

MC Ronke Onibudo

AVSE Olorunisola (USA)

Sir Hilton Job

Technical Committee

M.O Durowoju

Joseph  Adegbesan

Architect Ogundiwi

Dipole Adenoid (QS)

Adesina Akanji Civil Engineer

Julius Enitan QS

Adebowale Aina QS

Kunle Awonugba Electrical

Engr Adigun Structural Engr.

Prof. Kunle Adewahab

Engrave Osatuyi

Jide Olayemi

Akindele Oyefeso Building

Ekundayo Olaifaa and many others.

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13 responses to “70th Anniversary: 30 Out Of The 70 Members Shun Pastor Mobiyina’s Invite…See Reason”

  1. Omo Cele says:

    A million dollars question:IN THE MAIN STREAM?Who can explain this for goodness sake?The fight of SAMARIA and JEWS.Only Christ knows


    The elected committee has nothing to do with the 70th anniversary committee
    These are two different committee
    Those pictures above are the IMEKO BUILDING COMMITTEE
    so nothing to do with the 70th committee

  3. Olabode Samuel says:

    First and foremost, I would like to say that the way and manner with which the 70th anniversary is being carried about is a fresh recipe for disaster. The truth be told, I am a Celestian and I can’t say that celestial has a pastor because all those who call themselves pastors to me are not spirit led except we continue deceiving ourselves. Now to my major discussant, the youths of celestial is one of the most docile and regressive lots I have ever experienced and it make me wonder how I still am a member of the holy church. One thing i have realized is this and that is Heaven is the race which we are running and making it to he Kingdom of our Father is the the ultimate. well to those who are still enmeshed in the politics and divisions of the church, it’s best you desist now before the sword of Damocles befalls your lot. A word is enough for the wise……

  4. Marie-Claire says:

    New website : egliseduchristianismeceleste-nonofficiel.org/document_officiel/

  5. Marie-Claire says:

    Alleluia to all,

    Please can we tell us all other factions of CCC have in Nigeria?


  6. Superior Evangelist Barrister Olawole Famakinwa says:

    I am a member of the 70 member 70th Anniversary Central Planning Committee inaugurated by His Eminence Pastor EMF Oschoffa on Saturday, 21st January, 2017at Makoko. I consider it a honour and privilege to be recommended and subsequently appointed to be part of this august celebration. I consider myself blessed to be called to serve the church in this role.
    I am responding in my personal capacity as an elder of the church and not as a spokesman for the Central Planning Committee. I make the following observations in relation to the absence of some of our members.

    1. We have only just been inaugurated and it is early days to say that some members have not accepted their invitation. In fact some may not have yet received their letters. Let us be patient and the coalition of the willing, would do the work of God. Many are called, few are chosen.
    2. When the International Management Committee (IMC) was invited to help draw up the plans to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of this great church, the Pastor agreed that it must be a celebration of love and unity. He accordingly wrote a letter that he personally signed to all Celestians who belonged to other factions to come together to plan this event. Posterity would show that Pastor EMF Oschoffa has extended a hand of fellowship and love to members who are outside of the Main Stream. That invitation still stands.
    3. I am aware that some prominent leaders from the factions have accepted their nomination to be part of the 70 members. They have actually gone ahead to nominate more members from their faction to join some subcommittees where their members can best perform. That is a very welcome development which is laudable. They want to add value to the event.
    4. However, some who have received their letter to be among the 70 members have been unnecessarily pedantic in the way they were addressed in their letter of appointment. With respect, some of our fathers who are now Reverends, Most Superior Evangelists and Pastors in their factions, felt it was beneath them to accept a letter that referred to them as ‘Superior Evangelist’. Where is their commitment to the unity and progress of our church? Titles are the bane of our church. Far be it for me to suggest that there is a lack of a sense of humility. Remember, that the Prodigal Son actually said he was not fit to be called a son of the rich householder. We all know that story. It may yet require the one-to-one reaching out to members of the other factions by those of us in the Main Stream who are friends with them. Nothing is impossible for God.
    5. I have attended every meeting of the 70 member Committee in Makoko since inauguration. There has been increased enthusiasm and commitment to the plans for celebration in September. There is no instance of those of us present groaning under the task in hand. At each meeting there have been no less than 44 members present. We have also set up sub committees with a lot of co-opted professional members lending their skills and expertise. Like when Nehemiah was rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem, we have been swamped and overwhelmed with human, material and financial offers of assistance. Members have also put their money where their mouth is. There has been donations galore from members to move this work forward. There is no looking back on the plans to celebrate 70. We need encouragement.
    6. Not everyone will accept to serve on the committee if we are to be realistic. Some people are old, unwell and also have logistical issues which makes it difficult for them to be part of the Committee. They are now dressing it it up as if they have shunned the invitation.
    Finally, let us pray for those who have heed the call. Let us all look forward to the glorious celebration in our church, all over the world. The train is moving, come aboard. Do not be left behind.

  7. M/C Adegboye Olubunmi Abeni says:

    I beg all that is concern to please forgive and forget, all this power tissues will not lead us any where. Let be in oneness and furge ahead. Let practise our preaching. Ijo mimo okan ni, let us remain in oneness. Ijo mimo Oni baje lailai. Amin

  8. Most Snr. Evang.Doherty Oladunjoye. says:

    Jeremiah 6:16 refers …..!

  9. Most Snr. Evang.Doherty Oladunjoye. says:

    I think everyone supposed to be addressed by his/her rank in the Church. Not – Professor, Architect, Civil Engineer, Baba and so.This is contained in the Constitution Section 104.

  10. Sorinola Rapheal says:

    As,far am consigned we have a long way to go,let the people at the top invite other factions, do a reasonable meeting with them carried them along in openness and oneness. Sure they will see reason with them after all its one fold one shepherd we are all after,let ketu accept their blames and the church forge ahead. Ijomimo must be destroyed .am pleading to you all my father’s ,my mothers my sisters and brothers let’s reason together plsssss

  11. Adeyemi Da Silva says:

    Coming together is not the problem but process of invitation. Can someonevbe stupid enough to just do ‘cosmetic renovation’ on a 30 yrs old dilapidated building?
    Ketu is faulty and has to accept and apologise, every other thing shall follow.
    Did Ketu involve the other factional heads in the planning before decision to hold the event and in that particular way?
    Definitely, other factions will see the invitation as a cheap slap on the faces of their various factional leaders. The truth is bitter

  12. Hon Evang. Osinowo RotimiWilliams says:

    I think there suppose to be oneness in the Vineyard, I urge all concerned to come together so as to make the 70th anniversary unique & all embracing..

  13. Sylvanus Aihonsu says:

    With full respect, may I draw your attention to a comment on the committee suggesting that will possibly happen. The project is VERY LAUDABLE but the foundation is VERY SHAKY. Until Ketu addresses the issue causing disunity and ACCEPT BLAME for it and TENDER UNRESERVED APOLOGY, it shall continue to be like this. Yes, it is a political twist to “force” warring factions. We should remember that these are individual bodies with different set of leadership modules. You can not just call them together to dine and wine with you except the annoyance factor is settled – “Simple Conflict Resolution Tactics’ in Leadership Management

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