70th Anniversary Logo Thumbed Down…New Logos Suggested (Photos)

April 5, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 15 Comments »

The platinum Jubilee anniversary’s logo unveiled last Friday at Makoko, the National Headquarters of the church has received series of attacks from Celestial members home and abroad. The people who thumbed down the anniversary logo are of the opinion that, it doesn’t portray any form of unification. First, the photo of Pastor Mobiyina Oshoffa representing Ketu faction shouldn’t have come to play at all. If his photo had adorned a place in the logo, other factional leaders too should rightly take their position in the logo.

It’s obvious that the idea of Ketu calling on all factional leaders to be part of history as we celebrate Celestial at 70 under a united body is deceptive. “How would they call that 70th anniversary logo? In fact, now I know these people are not in any way ready to move Celestial forward. I am not surprised anyway, since the death of the pastor founder, what Ketu has been feeding our people is nothing but bunch of lies, from how they have emerged their past pastors to this present one.” A prominent Celestial member informed us.

Well, the truth, if we must embrace it is that, that logo you call Celestial Logo for a united Celestial Church is nothing to write home about. The committee in charged should have endeavoured to throw it open to people to give an idea of how a 70th anniversary logo should look like, people would have done that at no cost because we all want the church to move forward.

Celestial Church has 1001 graphic designers that are working for multi-nationals, in fact, I know of two, but what have we done, we have contacted some  people to put some shabby drawings together and call that 70th anniversary Logo! What a shame!

Ask them how much that has cost them, of course, they will tell you something in thousands!

I am really ashamed but well, ashamed has been the logo since the death of Papa SBJ Oshoffa.

Logo Ketu Unveiled

Logo Suggested By Celestial Members

Logo Suggested By Celestial Members

Logo Suggested By Celestial Members

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15 responses to “70th Anniversary Logo Thumbed Down…New Logos Suggested (Photos)”

  1. Andrew Mafo says:

    Infact, some leaders in Celertial Church Of Christ have their selfish interest that is taking them nowhere in the fold than misleading.

  2. Prophet B.J. Zannu says:

    The truth will surely prevail very soon

  3. Jare says:

    It’s illiteracy syndrome that is affecting you all. Do you know it’s not that the church doesn’t have competent people to do things but they put mediocre there because of the fear of the unknown. A lot of them have each other’s secrets so they all have something to protect. The logo is not anything new unification, and I am jot sure EMF is anywhere near how a pastor of CCC should be, he’s spiritually weak and lack the quality of a good leader. I hope zoon, the youth will rise up one day to demand for justice.

    • Clinton says:

      It is a logo, for Christ’s sake, not a conclave to elect pastors. It is Ketu’s logo. All other rebellious factions are free to make theirs. Unity is not by force. If the factions are not big enough to do their thing they should stop complaining about not being coopted into what Ketu does. There are hundreds of babas who are senior to these so called pastors but who remain loyal to Ketu. Pls do not disrespect those honourable people with your mischievous unity agenda. Thanks. May God bless us all.

  4. vicky jimoh says:

    talking about unification, aren’t we supposed to have a head after we are united? if all other factions have agreed to come back home,,then I see nothing wrong in having Pastor Mobiyinas ,picture ,After all ketu is our into hqtrs,and that is what he represents….let’s give peace a chance

  5. A1 says:

    Barrister Famakinwa, I totally disagree with your submission. If that has been the position, we have had the founder, bada, ajose, maforikan, jesse, why didn’t you put all that. You are not being truthful here man

  6. anonymous says:

    Reading the comment of Bar. Famakinwa just makes me angry and want to cry. The elders of this church have so much lied and deceived us with the normal “emi so wipe, ilana la ntele” when it favours them. Do yoy think we are fools all because we decided to keeo quiet?

    You r talking of pastor EMF being the authentic pastor. Do u think some of us dont know how he was made pastor in an uncelestial way? S for the fact that he now went to secure legal rights to the sit, does dat make him the real thing?

    I have nothing against PASTOR EMF. As a matter of fact i have great admiration for him. But what we r talking about here is the unification of the church. It surpasses one person’s ambition. Let’s all drop our cards and pride and centre on the glory bringing celestial back please.

    • Clinton says:

      Can you pls educate us on the ‘Celestial way of appointing pastors’ maybe we can learn some wisdom from you. Problem with our church is half illiterates who after some hardly passes OND claim to know it all. Tell me…prophets could have been gathered uh? How on earth is that workable, man? If the highest authority, in the absence of any workable constitution settles for the founder’s first son tell me how that is a bad idea. Fed up of all you people with bad education.

  7. Sup Evangelist (Barrister) Olawole Famakinwa says:

    I disagree very strongly with the statement that the image of Reverend EMF Oschoffa should not have appeared on the Logo. The Logo shows the authentic transition of leadership and authority in our church in the last 70 years. Simple. In fact there is only one Pastor. He is Reverend Mobyina Oschoffa. The High Court at Ilaro last year took the steam out of the claim of Reverend Bola Shonekan to be a contender for office of Pastor. No other faction went to Court. I was in Court.
    The Logo was not to show case a plethora of so-called Pastors- who have not attended the Central Planning Committee meetings at Makoko. There is a meeting at Makoko tomorrow. They are invited to attend. It is better late than never. The door is open.
    I have looked at the other suggested logos. They are equally good. However, since these creative ideas were never submitted to the Central Planning Committee they were never considered. You need to be part of a system to influence that system. The social media is not the place to flaunt your ideas, after the Logo had already been adopted. I was in the meeting where a presentation was made of creative ideas and designs for the Anniversary Logo. I salute the 2 young men who met with us for their effort. It was not easy having to take numerous suggestions for improvement and to arrive at the brilliant Anniversary Logo. Whatever their fee, they have earned it.
    Let us all rally round the Logo, Anniversary Music CD that was also launched on the same day and the Central Planning Committe of which I am a Secretary. All views would have been considered if those representing other shades of opinion accepted their invitation to join the Central Planning Committee. Let us congratulate the CPC for the job, direction and focus to date.
    I am a member of the Celestial Church of Christ and do not belong to any faction.

  8. Babajide says:

    This is the truth. I am for Ketu but the committee behind the logo should go cover their face in shame. You calling for united celestial and putting a photo of Mobiyina in the logo, for why? You people should just go and sleep and let capable hands handle the situations of the church. I can’t imagine such an error happening where supposed learned people are. What a national disgrace.

  9. Taye Taiwo says:

    Dis guy no go kill person. Well done guy, but be careful, those ketu people no get gud plans for you o. I know wetin I dey talk bro.

  10. Adelowo says:

    Cele wey designed others get brains, the committee wey design that pelebe no get brains at all. Awon eyan ti o mo nkanka tI won ni awon mo nkan.

  11. Baba says:

    Seems you have something against Ketu, I don’t seem to understand why you never wrote anything positive about Ketu led by our pastor, EMF

  12. A1 says:

    What do you expect? In the city of the blinds, a one eyed man is the king.

  13. Ogunrotimi opeyemi says:

    I personally like the Golden design very neat and it explain what we are up to

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