A Dangerous Game Some Choir Members Indulge In

August 17, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Give & Take / 2 Comments »

A choir is very essential in the church because their music ministration can affect the service negatively or positively. There was a pastor from another denomination that dissolved his church choir because they bored him to death with their songs. This proves how important choristers are in all churches.

The rate at which caucus is formed amongst the choristers is affecting the church negatively, and this has to be speedily checked before it becomes a big issue. In some parishes, there is a caucus who sings always without giving room for others to minister.

In a choir whereby choristers are divided into two using the caucus, and if you don’t belong to the caucus, you will be sidelined and looked down on. There won’t be love and unity.

A choir that has a caucus is dangerous. The choir is supposed to be united and in love, complementing each other and promoting each other’s gifts.

Where there is no unity, love is absent, the spirit of God would not move, it would cause a setback in the lives of the choristers and it would affect the whole church negatively.

It is very important for the Celestial Church choir to be united to advance the Church and for the choristers themselves to be partakers of the blessings. The choirmasters and mistresses in CCC should embrace unity and it should always be emphasized during their rehearsals.


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2 responses to “A Dangerous Game Some Choir Members Indulge In”

  1. MSE Alex Fasusi. says:

    Halleluyah, this caucus problem is not only in the choir but it’s in the church as a whole. Caucuses within other departments leading to conspiracy, backbiting, rancors and malice that is tearing parishes apart to the extent of members going from parish to parish. Therefore, we are recycling members or leaving CCC to other churches. We need to call on the Lord for true LOVE to return to this great Church.

  2. LEVI M. YANSUNNU says:

    OK for your write up. But you have to inquire to know about choir lifestyle in CCC since the beginning and also about spiritual injunctions to the Founder and to late Senior Evangelist NATHANIEL A. YANSUNNU the second in command of CCC since the beginning who initiated choir in the church since 1950 and translated Egun, Yoruba revealed songs and made CCC hymnbook in French also
    Please after your research about, you can come back to write again. CNO is a blessed and a great platform of authentic and deep informations about CCC not surfaces lines like upstair.
    In the name of Jesus, we beg you: the best of CNO we need everyday more
    God bless CCC
    Elder LEVI M. YANSUNNU (leselusoschoffayansunnu@hotmail.com)

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