A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand (A Must-Read)

May 7, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Flames From The Web / Add Comment »

It’s easy to preach against our “comfort zones”, pointing at other’s weak areas ‘always’….

A message given by the Holy Spirit will cover EVERY area of our lives, and sometimes minister to us too.

The Word is meant to keep renewing EVERY one of us, both the preacher and the preached to.

Nobody is above the Word, not even preachers.

We should stop using the Word of God to indirectly throw stones at people or attack our enemies.

If you want to write a message and the Holy Spirit tells you not to, and even sometimes brings a person to your mind, don’t post it, you can write it for another time, because it could hurt that person at that time instead of heal, but when posted at the appropriate time, it’ll be a blessing to all, even that person…..that’s the right time!

The Word of God is meant to heal not hurt.

Another evil is when we write a message with a biased mind.

We are not to use the Word as a weapon or tool to get even or get back at our supposed enemies.

The Word is to edify the Church….which is us…we are the Church, the body of Christ, not the building.

Though, sometimes we can get inspired through other’s post, but let it be for good!

Let the Word help us to grow more in love together than keep us apart.

Jesus Christ did not die and resurrect for us to fight against one another, accusing one another…….the only accuser of the brethren that I know of is the devil.

Don’t be the devil’s agent by helping him to spread the wrong messages.

Remember, the devil knows the bible too.

A house divided against itself cannot stand!

Who orders your messages?

Pray to be led by the Spirit and be sensitive to His leading.

Your message should heal and comfort, not hurt.

The only way it should break a person, is when the heart is convicted……that kind of hurt is different.

Do not order your messages through your flesh.

We should let the Holy Spirit inspire us, and order our writing.

May the Lord forgive us if we have at anytime done this in Jesus Name.


With His love + mine. Shalom!

I must die to self for my Lord Jesus Christ alone to live.

-Faith Revival Ministries

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