A Parish Where Women Wear Hijab…Is This Still Celestial Or Celected Church? (Photos)

August 22, 2016 / Celestial News Online / Give & Take / 9 Comments »

image1 (1) image2 image1These days, there is nothing you won’t see on social media, from the real to the unrealistic and absurd.  We stumbled on this over a month ago, but as at that time decided to wave it off as the antics of mischief makers, but we decided to give it a second thought this time around when a certain Celestial Forum posted the photos again and referred the dressing to be that of a Celestial Church of Christ located in the North.

This obviously cannot be real. Whose idea is this and from which authority did the parish get the approval for the women to be so dressed, are these worshippers a part of the global CCC body, or yet another overzealous faction that are so bent on carving an identity? Albeit an unwholesome one for themselves we didn’t see it as a Celestial Church considering the mode of dressing by the women and few of the men.

We will appreciate clarifications on this…

If it’s a body of Christ in Celestial Church of Christ then Devil has come to take over! Game over!!!

9 responses to “A Parish Where Women Wear Hijab…Is This Still Celestial Or Celected Church? (Photos)”

  1. Tycoon says:

    Wait ooo, Are you saying this is how the female members dress during all services or they do this occasionally because i dont understand. somebody please elaborate.

  2. Olubunmi Ajaraoluwa says:

    Thanks@Oluwatosin Adeyeye. There’s freedom of worship in variety of ways as regards dressing. The only warning biblical by Apos.Paul gave was that Christians must be modest. As regards Celestial church, if it had not been part their tenets, such a church wearing veils should not register their church under CCC.

  3. deborah says:

    I can’t believe dis
    Could dis b true ………..this is a sign dat d end tym z near for anyone supporting this motion may God deliver u aw can u say dis z right m higly disappointed

  4. Lanre Ade says:

    I strongly believed that it’s a drama session.

  5. Oluwatosin Adeyeye says:

    Am a GOSPEC member and this is not a GOSPEC mission at all and there’s nothing bad in putting on Vail either to celebrates Holly Mary day or Islamic function or Yahweh worships according to the deals God of Celestial wants to use to manifest his mightiness in GOSPEC MISSION at a particular worship with the host of heaven’s.

    • Barrister. Olawole Famakinwa says:

      Thank you for your brief reply. I am hearing of Gospec for the very first time. Are you able to tell me if you are part of CCC. You background history and your mode of worship. I am very interested in this information. Thank you.

  6. Yekinni eniola michael says:

    Lemme just say this is not a celetial church. There should be an appropriate measure to be taken and legal action to sue anybody or faction that engage in this in as much they carries the logo of ccc. What nonsense is this???

    • Joseph Olaseinde says:

      May God help us, Amen!. i hopfully agreed with you on legal action on people Impersonation of CCC world logo

  7. Lanre Adeboye (CCC, Ominira Parish) says:

    This true, the name of the church is CCC Gospec located at Mosan area pipeline in ipaja of Lagos state. My mum was member of the parish but I dragged her out of the place. The name of the sherperd is Jacob Farinmade from Ilesha. Someone posted about his atrocities some time ago on Facebook.

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