Abnormality In CCC: What Baba Bada Would Have Done To Curb It

November 25, 2022 / Mercy Onoriode Etaghene / Code Of Conduct,Saints & Sinners / 2 Comments »

There have been anomalies in our church, but they were not as noticeable as they are now. These days, the keeping of dreadlocks is not only noticeable in some Shepherds who see themselves as having more spiritual powers than others, but also amongst male youths who now see it as the latest fashion trend.

Wearing dreadlocks in the church in the days of Baba Bada was practically very rare, and those few were not even known, or they hid because they knew the day he would see them with the dreadlocks was the last day they would see it on their heads. After all, he would cut it off, wash the head, and pray on it, and that was the last time dreadlocks would appear on that head again.

But now, it is the order of the day in our church, and people who should do something about it don’t care except for their money. The Celestial Church is becoming the dumping ground for so much nonsense these days. Power belongs to God, and he gives it to his own who accept him as God and believe in his Holy name. As earlier said, some Shepherds/prophets flaunt it these days to entice ladies and give a false impression that they have extraordinary power, but it’s a lie; there is nothing like that. Power belongs to God and He gives to those whom He deems fit, “those he loves, he calls, he chooses and glorifies”

Something should be done urgently before these abnormalities eat deeply into the fabric of the church.  We know that this trend was imported by prophets who joined us from Cherubim and Seraphim churches. But if there is a good standard in the church or the school they attend, this kind of act can be kept to the barest minimum.

Strict discipline has drastically reduced in some parishes, you will find these internet fraudsters popularly called yahoo boys attending services or doing spiritual works with dreadlocks. This trend should be drastically reduced and curbed to the barest minimum.  One must appear before God for worship in truth and spirit.

May God help his church and May the gate of hell not prevail over it. Amen.


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2 responses to “Abnormality In CCC: What Baba Bada Would Have Done To Curb It”

  1. ADE says:

    This is rather disheartening as many of our youth are being given legacies of indiscipline and indecency. there is a whole lot of work to be done by our elders/leaders and stakeholders.

  2. Alagba Watching Carefully says:

    Why are you comparing Pastor AA Bada with a disabled man. Not fair. We saw him blind but we insisted that God annointed him to be the Leader of this great church. God will forgive all the actors We are all in darkness at this time. This shall surely pass.

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