Accepted Ranks/Mode Of Dressing For Male Elders In Celestial Church Sequencially

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As the church of God advances, so the church also advances in the number of new converts into the church. Most of our ranks in Celestial Church of Christ are so strange to some new converts and even some existing members.

With the knowledge of ranks in the Celestial Church and knowledge of how male elders ought to dress, what to wear, and what they are not supposed to wear, you would be able to tell when you see something strange and different from the information below.

Here are the ranks in the Celestial Church for male elders.

1. Brother

2. Elder Brother

3. Cape Elder Brother,

4. Elder brother in full

5. Senior Elder

6. Senior Elder Brother/superior

Assistant Leader

7. Leader

8. Senior Leader

9. Superior Senior Leader

10. Hon. Assistant Evang

11. Honorary Evangelist

12. Assistant Evangelist

13. Full Evangelist

14. Honourary Senior Evangelist

15. Senior Evangelist

16. Honourary Most Senior Evangelist

17. Most Senior Evangelists

18. Venerable Most Senior Evangelist

19. Special Venerable Most Senior Evangelist

20. Assistant Superior Evangelist

21. Special Superior Evangelist

22. Superior Evangelist

23. Assistant Venerable Superior Evangelist

24. Venerable Superior Evangelist

25. Assistant Most Superior Evangelist

26. Most Superior Evangelist

27. Supreme Evangelist

278. Rev Pastor

All shepherds and clergymen should endeavor to take note of this.
1. Special Superior Evangelist is the last rank for members.

2. Members are not allowed to vote for Superior again.

3. Special Superior Evangelist is a new rank created for members.

4. Special Superior Evangelist is the last rank for members.

Our shepherds and prophets should take note of this fact.


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