Our Actions Are A Product Of What We Think

May 28, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Flames From The Web / Add Comment »

Our thoughts, negative or positive, direct so much of what we do and how we live. In other words, our actions are a product of what we think. We evaluate an opportunity to study abroad and have thoughts of success. We think about the possibility of losing our job and begin to think thoughts of hopelessness. It is those thoughts that then propel us into a course of action. With our thoughts governing our actions so closely, it is vital that we condition our minds to be influenced by God’s truth more than anything else.

When our mind is influenced by the world it ends in hopelessness, fear and worry but when our thoughts are influenced with God’s truth there is life, contentment, trust, and peace. Now, as we begin to live a life based on His truth there are still going to be times where connecting the truth we know and the thoughts we think is hard. It’s human to know truth and at the same time struggle to live it out.

In Mark 9:24 a father exemplifies this when he says, “I do believe, but can you help me overcome my unbelief?” This father is saying, “Really I do believe, God. In my heart I know your truth Lord, but can you help me overcome the fear in my mind? The fear that only your truth can expel!?” This is going to be us at times, too. “I do trust but I need help overcoming the worry I have about my kids”. “I do fear you more than I fear people, but help me overcome the fear that my boss doesn’t like me”.

There are times when God’s truth will become disconnected from the reality of our daily lives. The tendency will be to allow our worry and fear to control our thoughts and subsequently our actions. But if we force ourselves to throw our doubts and fears at Jesus He will help make it reconnect again. He will bring the truth of His word to the forefront of our minds. He will nudge us to worship to music, pray, or read the Bible. It’s the last thing we will want to do but it’s the thing that will change and reconnect our thoughts to His truth and peace the fastest.

Five minutes with God will change our perspective and reconnect our mind with the truth we know. Every day read the Bible and let God’s truth saturate your mind. Over time it will become what you crave and live your life from. Amen

-Bosrashy Keshiro

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