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Yesterday Sunday 28/08/22 to the surprise of millions of Celestians all over the world, popular actress, Funke Akindele was seen in one of the parishes of Celestial Church of Christ in Lagos, and the social media has been awash with lots of comments.

Many people have asked to know when she became a Celestian and which of the parishes she has been worshipping before now.

Funke Akindele’s Father was a Reverend father in the Methodist church while her mum is a member and pastor in MFM.

Funke Akindele had worshipped in so many denominations which she claims the CCC is one. She announced that she was born in CCC which means her late dad who died as a Reverend in Methodist was formerly a Celestian and also her mum.

Funke is a popular member of the Trinity House Church founded by Pastor Ituah Ighodalo.

Funke is a popular member of the Mountain of Fire and miracles ministries founded by Pastor Olukoya.

Funke was formerly a Muslim by marriage; thought the union hit the bricks.

Funke Akindele is a celebrity and now a politician, she is the only one who knows where she belongs and what she is doing and I also believe that man is free to take any step to achieve whatever they want AND also man can retrace their step at any time in life without any string attached.

Jesus in John 6:37 said,

” ….whosoever that cometh unto me, I will no wise cast out”.

At a time like this, I think we should NOT condemn her moves even if we feel it is politically motivated.. let’s remember that ‘ko SI Alejo ninu ijo mimo”.
Remember the case of the popular comedienne, Dr. Helen Paul who by herself told the world how Celestial Church accepted her when the world rejected her and how the pastor founder prophetically declared her a global star.

If Funke chooses to identify with CCC today, so be it and for sure, she cannot deny the holy Celestial Congregation tomorrow.

The world knows that the CCC is not star starved, so it’s just a case of “the MORE, the MERRIER”!

Let’s not smear her political ambition with our reactions and comments as touching her new move. Most churches will receive her openly if she comes to their church not minding if she is coming for the first time or not.
Some of them are surprised that she is identified with CCC because their conclusion about CCC is horrible and unchristianly.

Moreso, we know not what the LORD is about to do in the CCC. If God is willing to take Celestians to the top echelons of power in this country, let’s not fight it. We have a known Celestian also contesting for Governor in one of the states in the southwest.

Oh, ye Celestians,
There are lots of lessons to be learnt from today’s surprise from Funke Akindele.

1. Funke Akindele may not have been showing up the way she did today BUT from all she said today, it is crystal clear that she has shepherds/prophets who stand in the gap for her in CCC. She has been immensely enjoying the grace of God in CCC one way or the other. Don’t be shocked if she reveals the parishes she supports financially during their harvests before this election period.

Be wise and worship God in truth and spirit so those who don’t come to church won’t still be enjoying the grace than you do.

2. The CCC is a great church in that no man can crumble. I say with all confidence that many of the celebrities and politicians you know especially in the southwest have a celestial church background. Yes!
How come they are no longer with us? Why are they distancing themselves from us? Why have they chosen to be Celestians by proxy?

Let the elders of our church who are hell-bent to remain divided forever because of their pocket have a rethink again today! No Celebrity or importantly personality will love to be known with a church that has been in the law court since 1985.
No governor, president, or senator will want to be known with such a denomination because every notable figure has a name to protect.
I also know that many great personalities love to worship in CCC constantly but the maladministration, corruption, love for power, stuntedness, and near stagnation since 1985 is why many choose to stay elsewhere.

If our church were to be in order as our founding fathers structured it and the way they instructed on a succession plan, baba Obasanjo who is a great beneficiary of God’s grace in CCC through SBJO will be a member of the church likewise other great personalities.

The power of God in CCC is so great that you can’t comprehend it.

In 1992 at CCC Army Barracks road, Mokola in Oyo state, the then civilian governor “Kolapo Ishola” who was a member of the CCC reportedly invited late MKO Abiola (the then-presidential aspirant) to Cele Mokola. Abiola reportedly appeared in a brother garment and worshipped in CCC that day. A spiritual message came for him that day but he didn’t do it, the resultant effect is history today.

Conclusively, let’s embrace Funke. If she says she is one of us, no problem. Even if she said she is just joining us, no problem.. let her face the altar and worship God no more in proxy now and forever…

Let me stop here before I exhaust my ink.

© Evang. SegunGlorious

Austin Akingbulu


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One response to “Actress Funke Akindele You Never Knew”

  1. LEVI M. YANSUNNU says:

    Mrs AKINDELE FUNKE is a well known and a popular Nollywood actress like EnI Edo, Mercy JONHSON, Patience AZOKWOR, Rita YULDOCHIE, CHINWE OWO etc.
    We all in my household love her by her simplicity.
    Nothing wrong to see her in our prayer garment. We must welcome her warmly, the way we act with others new comers. Our wish is to see all of Nollywood actors invade CCC. Mentalities nowadays are to fill one’s pocket and any mean to do it is available everywhere. May God lead us not to go astray.
    Welcome Sister or Elder F. AKINDELE: being the daughter of AKIN who returned home, we also welcome your back home forever in Jesus! Our young ladies are in need of your experiences in businesses. God bless everyone in Jesus Mighty Name!

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