Acts That Are Leading Celestial Church Astray

July 17, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Give & Take / Add Comment »

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There is no doubt that there are unscrupulous elements in garment painting the church of God black, whereas the church of God was never like that until these anomalies started happening. Below are a few of the many anomalies rocking the Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide at present.

The church has some recent converts from Christian and Islamic backgrounds who have brought their individual experiences and knowledge from prior C & S parishes or movement rules. These new converts have little knowledge of church doctrine.

This is made easier by their ill-gotten positions and newly-acquired ranks within the CCC fold, where they use them to spread false doctrine and deceive both new converts and seasoned members who know little to nothing about the church’s doctrine or who will abandon it for their own personal gain.

As was already said, a few of our shepherds and fathers in CCC are happy to mobilise their flocks for anointing without the required preparation—teaching and counselling—that used to come before the event.

I visited a parish where a brand-new convert brought a yellow loin from his home because he cherished it to church for the first time while wearing a four-cornered robe. The shepherds took it away from him, gave him a prophet’s loin cloth with three crosses, and brought him directly to the altar.

The task force needs to take up their stand and their responsibilities from the smaller parishes to the bigger parishes to redeem the good name of our church to correct what needs to be corrected and rebuke what needs to be rebuked.

Ranks should not be purchased with money or compensation, but rather through credible qualification, physically and spiritually, and there should be proper teaching about church doctrines for new converts as well as re-teaching for old members.


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