Adieu Prophetess Folashade Adeyemi: Like A Candle Light In The Wind

October 14, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Give & Take / Add Comment »

The entire member of Greater London Parish, UK has just lost a rare gem, a woman who was dedicated to the cause of Celestial’s advancement, Prophetess Folashade Adeyemi. She came, she saw but she couldn’t conquer death because it’s inevitable. Like a candle light in the wind, she left this world without fulfilling all she was destined to fulfill.

According to Olasunkami Oshin who posted a tribute message on his Facebook wall for the departed soul said, “Who are we to challenged God; our ways are not His way to perform is miracles in our lives. He gives and He takes when pleases Him, that is why he’s called the Lord, maker of heaven and earth. The I am that I am, the Alfa and Omega, Father Lord continue taking your glory in Wolima Shade’s live, you are mighty oh lord. No one is like you and there shall be no one like you, Jah Jehovahprophetess-folashade-2 prophetess-folashade. God of Celestial Church we honour you and praise your holy name. Good night my dear sister, sleep well in the bosom of your creator, but don’t forget your son and the house of God you left behind, Celestial Church of Christ Greater London parish. We are still in shock ‘Iya Alaje’ myself and your friend can’t bring ourselves to believe that last Sunday and your discussion with her on Tuesday afternoon was a farewell greetings.  Good night my dearest sister in Christ. Definitely this world is not our home we are just passing through the road with lots of signs. Odigba my Iya Alaje, Otu Di Oju Ala Kato Ri Rawa. You shall forever be part of the family of Celestial Church of Christ Greater London parish UK. Awaja Awaja laye, this world is not our home we shall all go back home one by one whenever we get to our bus stops take note my friends.”

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