Alagba Mobiyina Oshoffa Should Get Off The Stubborn Horse, CCC Is Bigger Than Any Person- Shonekan

March 3, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 15 Comments »

Rev. Godwin Bolanle Shonekan has reacted to an issue of Special Fraud Unit at Milverton inviting the elders of the church for questioning following a report from one of the church elders alleging the elders including Pastor Mobiyina Oshoffa of misappropriation of church money amongst other allegations.mobiyina shonekan

One of the contenders of the number one position of the church, Rev. Bolanle Shonekan has left a comment under the story link sent to his timeline by #CNO editor.

“NO WAR WITHOUT TRUCE: There is a chance for peace before war and when that chance is missed, armistice is the only word that can resolve issue of differences. In the case of this Celestial Church of Christ, the war outweighs the chance for peace because of ignorance and illiteracy or quasi literacy. My advice to Alagba Emmanuel Oshoffa is to get off the stubborn horse and realize that this Church is bigger than any one person.

If he only listens to carefree, stubborn and lawless advisers as it seems, he needs to consider talking to those that could account for their wealth, those that make money the old fashion way, earned it. This fight is now moving to another arena, if you know what I mean. You will have to identify yourself and what you are and what you are made of, got it. Alagba Emmanuel Oshoffa needs to learn from our beloved father, Papa S. B. J. OSOFA who seek and surrounded himself with elitists and not moneybags as he does, he scorned those that earned their wealth legitimately for those that can’t tell or won’t tell how they get their money.

I think Alagba Emmanuel Oshoffa needs to make truce sooner than facing devastating war casualties as many Shepherds around him will equally have to answer to the Agents of Law Enforcement Authorities to show/tell how they too came about their wealth. A reason why government believes they have business in Churches’ lucrative business. The writer of this post raised a question why this matter has to get to this stage when we are House of God (Just to phrase it). In this matter, the Church is not under investigation but the leaders to be questioned and they are not above the law.

I have reminded you all many times that CCC is a registered church under the laws of the land and subject to abide by it. As a reputable Church, we must respect the rule of law, which most people in our church believe is a sin. What a great way to lead? I know when some people see the caption of this write up the first thing that comes to mind is: This Rev. Shonekan is at it again. When is he going to leave this Church alone? Well, I am in no way connected with this issue, it is an internal rancor within Ketu caucus, that I see as a good move towards cleansing the Church that is meant to cleanse the world. “Change Must Begin With Us”.

I applaud who ever made the move. Lest I forget, don’t count me out as of yet. The United States of America’s FBI may also be invited to ask these dudes some questions in regard of violations of US Internal Revenue Code. Because I had no access to making comments on CelestialNewsOnline (CNO), though I can’t say it is by design or whatever. I thank CNO for sharing its news on my timeline, which gives equal chance to reach my audience. Especially on issues that I must comment on, like this particular one that pointed a wrong finger at me indirectly. So, pardon my expressions.”

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15 responses to “Alagba Mobiyina Oshoffa Should Get Off The Stubborn Horse, CCC Is Bigger Than Any Person- Shonekan”

  1. Coker says:

    Celestial member ,we all miss script concerning our majoy problem,let go back to the table and ask ourself what start our problem .it started with baba bada ,he is late now.,even baba ajalenkoko all of.them never came out to.say the truth ,now we have baba banjo ,he is the key causing the continuous problem .you guys should request urgent life request from baba owodunni ,He we telll you.the truth.,he deos not lie nor need celestial money rather than building the church ,all the leader know what he can do ,he is the closes among all papa oshofa board and the president of the board .Emmanuel Oshofa.,sis Edit also.know what.I am talking about ,tosho.all of them ..owodunni can share light to.this.because.,he has notting to loss .he is elderly man with respect

  2. Annonymous says:

    Now that they are back from agounge we demand to know the full outcome of your appearances as regards anti fraud served letter. Elders dont cover up before we assist you to open the cancerworms.

  3. Wahab samson T. says:

    We consider youth as nothing we didnt believe they are d future of tomorrow. At dis 20th century we are still been led by this elder who have no good plan for this great church. Its disheartening.

  4. Wahab samson T. says:

    It is a pity that we can be hearing this in the
    house of God which suppose to clean the world.. Everybody is working for his stomach to be full against hymn 694. Am not surprise dis is what doctrine and constitution has caused us, where people has no vision nothing can come out of it.

  5. Omo Mose Orimolade Tunolase says:

    I sympathise with Celestians who did not watch and pray like the Cherubim and Seraphim that the devil is at work to scatter what God has set for the Celestians. I want you to learn that devil is the only enemy of Unity.

    My plea to you is whoever is chosen is chosen, support him to achieve good results and stop this media hypocrisy. Thanks.

  6. Emmanuel Adewale says:

    Those who go to equity must go with clean hands. I believe that celestial Church is moving at snail trail,.. The Church leaders must be dynamic and move with changes. The leaders must imbibe modernisation, the youths should be inculcate in the administration of the Church. The reasons why Church Ministries under Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria are growing fast are: imbibe Western Education and Christian Education, Good Action Plans, Targets for every year, periodic transfer of Shepherdsthat is not influence by financial inducement, priority is given to undiluted word of God over doctrine, the Celestial leaders hold doctrine in high esteem above the word of God, the final authority for every Christians is the word of God. No visible development, The issue of owing private university is not of concern to current leadership of Celestian church. Almost all big churches under Pentecostal fellowship of Nigeria have licenced private university some are having two. The Church of the Lord, Where will soon have a licenced university, celestial Church that spent over four decades to construct auditorium. The youths are regarded as rebels. It is high time celestial leaders imbibe spirit of honest and service if they really want to surmount the current challenges.

  7. Ven. Seyi Fetus says:

    Even Shonekan need to be visited too with efcc. See criminal accusing someone else. Or have we forgotten soon how you defrauded so many youths in this church in the name of traveling to America ?
    You really need to watch your back ooo

  8. Ven. Seyi Fetus says:

    It’s really a shame to see a youth of this church talk like a garage boy. Shame on you guess or whatever you call yourself.

    As long as some of us support the move to sanitize this great church we will never fold our hands to see fools takeover God’s temple. Never.

  9. Ilerioluwa Elijah Julius says:

    I see celestians as the Israelites we are 1CE in bondage before we are introduced to CCC for freedom hymn8
    But we came into celestial and most pple turned to be weed in d garden we never remember hymn10 when we are about to do something we sing Hymn 694 without taking time to really comprehend it
    The Israelites worshiped the calf in the wilderness because they don’t know God during the time of Moses that is why God purposely killed Dem all because if they followed the new generations to the promise land they will actually pollute their system also after Joshua the isrealite also in one way or the other faced what celestial church is facing
    @ the time of Samuel they say they don’t want the house of Samuel to rule over them they elected Saul and Saul gave them their worst as their best now in case of CCC in d days of papa we have some elders who don’t believe in his calling but they only followed his and they have succeeded in posessing their children with dis bad habits some of those elders are the one who make the reign of baba bada though for him baba bada should have been the one to keep unity in celestial till the coming of our pastor but celestial(Nigeria) we reject him all this that we face in Nigeria is no where to be found in seme (ajase) we have gone astray I tell it to you today that the remaining pple that are disturbing the progress of this church are liking d dust this year by the special grace of God and celestial will celebrate unity again and progress will come along

  10. YEMI ADEYEMI says:

    I doubt if the writer (Guese) is a Christian at all, talk less of being a Celestial member, Celestial Youths are respective, cultured, fear God and well manerd, they are not vagabond, tuots and thugs. We are waiting for their actions.

  11. Imole Bukunmi James says:

    Its time to realise the there is no more water behind their fish since this particular case is coming from party within same group in ketu. CCC should stop sending monies for pursuance of any cases for now till anti fraud concludes. Meanwhile information at disposal os alledging many ketu members calling on the petitioner to please settle out from exposing them amongbthe callers are Patron Alimi of CCC ire Akari, lagos, Baba Oshin Taiwo and many others. A meeting held at KETU yesterday but ensed in deadlock trading accusations against each other of whom started this katakata. Now, my question is where were you all these people to stop and prevent this fraudulent act when it was being perpetrated but all kept mute till it boomerang?When a case is with the anti-fraud are you all now asking for case withdrawal of which you all initiated? What a shame? We will continue to mention names of people pressuring the complainant to reat this issue down until you all desist from this act. Most Celestians are strongly behind the complainant as we need liberation from old cabals operating with defaulted blue book called constitution.

    • Guess? says:

      The truth you must all hear is that, we youth of this church are making moves to revolt. We no longer want Mobiyina and his cohorts aND pastor ls of this church anymore. We want to choose a pastor by ourselves. Let all those who want to contend gather at Makoto on the 20th of April, we will text all of them, whosoever emerged by realign what we have kept from them will be pastor. Gone are those days that they talk nonsense that mpic. The mpic are all rogues, we are no longer interested in having a claw less man as pastor, we are no longer interested in having a blind man as pastor we need progression, we need movement not stagnance. Anyone who claims pastor, we will stone them, we are ready for you all starting from this Sunday. We have our troop every parish. Just wait and see the invasion.

      • Evang segun ara says:

        Am sure dat guy is not a celestial youth, he was been send by some group of people ,but let me advise u don’t try Wat is not else dey we only do amisa 4 u to remember ur move OK, akoigba

      • ijo Mimo says:

        Did you actually listen to yourself? Are you truly a celestian? Did you ever read your Bible to know how God choose people to serve him at any point in time? Did you actually know the circumstances that brought Mobiyina into been?.My friend nobody fight God battle for him not even you or millions of any youth,instead think of how you can contribute positively to the progress and progress of the church. Everyone will be paid with their own coins when it’s time. If coconut is broken on your head,you won’t be alive to tell the story.

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