All Celestial Church Singles Should Learn From This True Life Story

October 17, 2022 / Olaiya / Virtuous Women / Add Comment »

According to a postulation that says the experience is the best teacher, we learn day by day, but how do we learn? We learn from people’s experiences, encounters, and mistakes committed in a relationship or marriage.

Let me say this: being single is never a crime or a taboo, but it is just the time for one to work on himself or herself. It is a pity that the majority use this period of being single to commit all manners of things that hold their future in jeopardy.

Many are in a state of confusion. Most of the ordeals that people go through in marriages or relationships are caused by them, either indirectly or directly, by being the architect of their problem.

There is a sister who is crying bitterly and vehemently day and night, having the thought of ending her marriage. The drama happening in her marriage is something she never envisaged coming. We should all learn by putting these factors into consideration when entering into a relationship or marriage.

1) Don’t force yourself to love a man or woman: it would end in tears.

2) Don’t marry out of pity: Many people have brought pain into their lives and marriages by marrying out of pity.

3) Don’t marry a man or woman because of money: What if you marry him or her because of money, not that you find him or her attractive? Some ladies claim that they would love the man while married. It is a pity that such a person is sketching his or her problem gradually. What happens to the marriage when the reason you married him or her isn’t visible again?

4) Don’t marry him or her because of physic or beauty: It would shock you that our elderly Mothers in Celestial Church were fashionable when they were young, but now can the same trait still be found in them? No! Which means there is time for everything.

5) Do not marry an atheist: When you marry based on your beliefs, it is always good and great.


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